Artist to Make History-Will Unveil Painting of Donald Trump & Construct a Wall Using Bumper Stickers from the Art

USA – 10/21/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Alexi Allens, world renowned published Artist— former owner of Galerie Alexi of Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach CA – her Artwork is being featured Friday- October 21st beginning at 5:30 PM at Batterman’s Auction Gallery—400 West Gurley Street in Prescott, AZ.  Her recent are inspired by the Wild Wild West—from Native American—Wild  Horses—to Donald J. Trump!  Live Music– by renowned Las Vegas Performer- Garry Conrad—

Alexi Allens says she is driven by a cause and a belief –  we need to protect our rights.  She has asked for a clarion call for Trump Supporters to help assemble a Wall using Bumper Stickers of her oil painting of Trump.  Alexi says –“ This Election IS MUCH MORE than a race for the White House.  I believe our freedom of speech and right to express ourselves is at stake.  We need to be respectful toward one another—not attack—threaten or intimidate with violence.

Many Politicians feed on people that are less informed—with inflammatory rhetoric manipulating the media utilizing advertising false hopes and promises which is a violation of a social contract in corporate politics.

When we look at the world around us with its many serious problems including poverty, injustice, terrorism, war, overpopulation and environmental degradation, it’s all too easy to become -either –angry or frustrated, passive or despondent.  When any of these responses are the result – they remain ineffective at bringing about necessary change and are also part of the problem to begin with.

I believe all of us must unite and protect our rights for creativity—our ART.  Artists turn their dreams into reality so they can live in their imaginations”. I believe Donald J. Trump through his love for this country belief and perseverance to protect us is dedicated to making this nation great again—that is why I titled the painting of him on a million dollar bill    —-“One in a Million”—-  Photo Artst-Alexi Allens shows oil Painting in Las Vegas after Rally to Trump at International Hotel- he shouts –“I love it!”

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