ChalkTastic Thanks the Amazon Community for the Instant Success of their Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack

In a recent press conference, some of the senior business leaders from ChalkTastic have thanked for the prompt success of their Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack. Within just two months at, this product has already become a top five Amazon bestseller with over three hundred reviews.

20th September, 2016 – ChalkTastic has recently expressed their gratitude towards the entire Amazon community for the strong support received by the company’s recently released product Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack. So far, the response received by this product has been phenomenal. In almost no time, these chalk pens have managed to receive almost four hundred Amazon reviews with a 99% positive rating. Powered by this performance, the product has secured a place amongst the top five bestsellers in its category. ChalkTastic has been offering the product for a discounted price of $21.77 only.

Chalk markers have now emerged as a popular alternative to the traditional markers. However, most of the commonly available products fail to deliver the desired quality. The markers from ChalkTastic come in packs of eighteen, offering a spectacular range of attractive colors. The markers contain a super concentrated liquid ink that delivers vibrant colors for a long time. The product is suitable for writing on all types of nonporous surfaces, and can be wiped easily using a piece of cloth without smudging. The product is nontoxic, dust-free, and odorless, and hence, can be used safely by the children.

Recommending the product, a recent user mentions in her Amazon review, “These chalk markers are really fun and I’ve found a lot of uses for both myself and my kids. I like to use them when I have friends over to write names on sippy cups, wine glasses, and beer bottles. The kids have a good time using them to draw pictures on the front window of our house; it’s really cute as they’ve started writing little love notes for me in the window. The set comes with 18 markers and the color variety is pretty wide; the darker the surface you write on, the better the markers tend to stand out. The clean up on these is really easy too as they’re just wipe away.”          

Thanking the Amazon community for the support, a senior ChalkTastic official recently stated, “ We are thankful to as well as the Amazon shoppers for the extraordinary response received by our Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack. We would do our best to deliver a high level of service for this entire community.”

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