The FemiLift Laser Has Arrived At ReNew You MD

The Houston-based medical spa is now offering FemiLift laser treatments for patients in search of vaginal rejuvenation, tightening, and more!

ReNew You MD is pleased to announce the arrival of the FemiLift laser treatment to its Houston medical spa. This FDA-approved vaginal rejuvenation laser has been shown to treat a variety of feminine concerns, including dryness, looseness, loss of sensation, and even incontinence.

Founded by Dr. Scott Yarish, Renew You MD is one of the first medical spas in the greater Houston area to offer this revolutionary treatment.

“I’m so delighted to be offering this treatment to our clients,” says ReNew You MD nurse practitioner Sarah Hill. “It’s such a simple and easy procedure, but the results it can deliver can be truly life-changing.

“I’ve seen patients remark that they can finally enjoy their sex lives again, thanks to the FemiLift laser,” she adds.

The FemiLift laser procedure uses a small handheld device to deliver heat energy to the vaginal canal. As the area is heated, the device spurs the production of collagen tissue, which begins to strengthen and lubricate the vaginal walls.

Over time, patients can see a remarkable improvement in vaginal tightness, lubrication, and even sensation. Additionally, FemiLift treatments have been shown to relieve symptoms of urinary stress incontinence, a bladder condition that can cause involuntary leakage.

There’s no downtime associated with the FemiLift laser treatment, so patients can return to their normal routines. Treatment sessions take just 15 minutes to administer.

ReNew You MD is currently running a special on the FemiLift procedure, where patients can save $500 on a series of three FemiLift treatments. To learn more about the FemiLift laser or to schedule a FemiLift consultation, visit ReNew You MD at

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