Online Business Franchise Opportunity Vs Affiliate Program

Buy an online internet business franchise opportunity. Licensees only need a cell phone, laptop, and internet connection. Unlimited earning potential with an online franchise business model.

Atlantic City, NJ – An online business franchise opportunity is a business model where anyone can license products created by someone else as their own. This online franchise business model is a lot like affiliate marketing where one can sell products created by others for a commission.

But affiliates are not licensed partners of the product creator or owner, and therefore earn lower commissions, and also usually have limited resources to help them sell product online.  The selling is pretty much all done by the affiliates’ own resources and know-how.

Many companies have affiliate programs but they are generally for direct referrals to low-ticket items, which cannot be marketed as the affiliate’s own product. With an online business franchise, however, one can purchase a license(s) and be a partner with the product creator, or licensor, who then helps you sell the products for a commission.  The licensor takes a cut of the profits leaving the licensee with the rest of the commissions.

This particular business model is good for those who want to sell high-ticket items for higher commissions than what a general direct affiliate program would offer. There is also a higher investment cost to an online franchise business model, compared to affiliate programs which are generally free or low cost.

Some online business franchises have a system set up where an affiliate can purchase a business license, and then follows the company’s training programs and processes in order to start making sales. Online franchises with systems like this may be preferable to ones that do not, due to the extra processes in place to help the licensee earn more commissions. Think McDonald’s Hamburger University, for example, which has that sort of system in place for its franchisees.

In the online world, these systems can take the form of training, support, sales phone team, etc, which general direct affiliate programs normally do not provide to affiliates. A professional sales phone team, in particular, is very helpful to have in an online franchise system when dealing with high-ticket products because many people don’t like to spend higher amounts of money without some sort of phone support and follow-up.

General affiliate programs usually do not have high converting sales funnels for affiliates to use online.  Affiliates usually have to create these themselves.

A good online business franchise system will usually include such sales funnels, which the company has used and tested already, to help licensees make sales.

One online franchise system that offers low and high-ticket online training products and conferences to sell, higher commissions, support, high-converting sales funnels, and a professional phone sales team is My Top Tier Business created by Matt Lloyd.

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