Crystal Meth Rehab in Virginia – Solutions for a Growing Drug Problem

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Meth, at the moment, does not pose a major drug risk for Virginia residents.

However, its availability and use are slowly increasing in the Shenandoah Valley area. Most meth supplies are believed to be brought in by criminal organizations outside the country, and white criminal groups throughout the state. Most meth users are blue-collar workers and include people that work manufacturing jobs, truck drivers, and labor workers etc. As meth use grows, it can be found among a more diverse workforce population as well. For crystal meth rehab in Virginia, there are solutions for a growing drug problem.

There also reports of business professionals abusing meth. Authorities note the amount of meth seized by police each years remains relatively stable. Users are manufacturing meth now, and use such items as beakers, glassware, and tubes. As such, law enforcement officers are exposed to chemical fires and explosions when happening upon or destroying meth labs etc. Many state police have been trained to handle meth as first responders. As is stands, there are almost 120 meth rehab treatment centers throughout Virginia.

Detox and Rehab

Meth happens to be one of the nation’s most addictive illicit drugs. Psychological and physical dependence develops quickly after only one use. This is because meth creates rapid changes in the brain and body’s nervous system. Overtime, and quite rapidly, the body makes an adjustment to the meth chemicals and relies on them to function. Withdrawal happens when the addict stops using meth even for a short while. This is why it is dangerous to try and detox without medical support and oversight. Detox can even lead to death in some instances. Meth withdrawal symptoms can include fatigue, psychosis, hallucinations, mood swings, severe depression and anxieties, headaches, appetite loss and more.

Rehab Is the Solution

Rehab at a qualified center with a solid track record of treating meth addiction is the answer. Detox is the first solution, and must be successfully undertaken for rehab to start in earnest. Inpatient treatment is usually the recommended treatment. Patients can be in dire straights, and it takes around-the-clock care for their bodies and minds to spring back to normal. Detox can last from several days to several months, depending on the length of addiction and the patient’s health during detox.

Outpatient treatment is less intensive, but just as effective for patients. Patients who have shown improvement in their condition can likely be placed in this program. They are still working toward sobriety, and must follow their doctor’s orders and instructions to the letter.

The search for sobriety may be a lifelong pursuit for some. Depending on the individual, there may be triggers that will always prove to be a temptation. Rehab gives patients the tools and methods to identify and avoid triggers that can lead to relapse. Rehab also gives patients, through cognitive behavioral learning, the ability to make the connection between their thoughts and actions. The patient must have the right attitude. Otherwise, they may be a candidate for relapse. There are definite signs of meth abuse, and they include an elevated body temperature, drowsiness, appetite loss, dilated pupils, an irritable mood, and elevated blood pressure and breathing. If a loved one or friend exhibits these signs, get them immediate help.

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