Golden Frog is a Powerful New Virtual Reality Platform with Appealing Games like “Follow Her”

One of the most popular and exciting new frontiers in consumer electronics today is virtual reality, and one of the most advanced new VR systems comes from industry leader Golden Frog. Golden Frog has developed a state of the art headset that is compatible with a variety of mobile platforms, in addition to a number of games specially designed to run optimally on virtual reality systems.

Golden Frog offers a number of highly advanced products including headsets and force feedback equipment. The GF VR Headset is manufactured from top grade PVC and hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone, weighs only 265g and is designed for long periods of usage. Engineered for optimal comfort and performance, the GF VR Headset is ergonomically designed for the human head.  The controls are manually operated with intuitive wristwatch style knobs. The headset also has performance benchmarks comparable to major competitors.

Follow HerThe Latest VR Game from Golden Frog Technology

 The company is also developing some highly compelling content including games like “Follow Her” which features parallax technology that makes VR imagery more realistic. “Follow Her” also offers head tracking to create a more responsive and immersive game experience as the player explores an intriguing game environment. As the first in a series of VR games, “Follow Her” will have regular updates, at least three times a year and may include additional playable characters and storylines.   Other games currently in development include “Greedy Ninja” and “Feed My Girl.” Do not miss the Follow Her game trailer at

Follow Her is Now Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Golden Frog is currently inviting the public to help make this incredible virtual reality technology become the industry standard. Golden Frog has sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo that will allow early adopters of “Follow Her” to take advantage of steep subscription discounts and Beta testing admission, as well as obtain Golden Frog products like the headset and peripherals.  To reserve your GF product, please visit

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