Incent ICO gives Incentive to Disrupt Customer Loyalty Rewards Platforms all Over the World

The success recorded in Incent ICO is giving the customer loyalty reward platform strong incentives to provide a system which will benefit both customers and merchants. The loyalty reward scheme has been running a crowdfunding Initial Coin Offer to provide funds for establishment of the systems and expansion of its capacity.

The ICO has been running since 1st October 2016 and is expected to run for approximately two months or until such time when the cap of USD 5 million is reached or whichever comes first.

The ICO represents an opportunity to own a holding of crypto currency aimed at squarely at the disruption of the mainstream industry ripe for exploitation. Participating in ICO will enable Incent to build a commercial prototype and develop a strong operating framework.

Incent is operated by BitScan Ltd Pty, a company domiciled in Australia. BitScan is authorized through international banking facilities to operate globally with HSBC through the subsidiary BitScan HK. The fact that the company has its bases in the UK, Australia, and Mexico allows it to operate and be active throughout much of any 24-hour period.

The funds are primarily being sought to establish commercial operations and expand technical, financial, compliance and business development teams. There are also plans to establish an overarching Advisory Board commensurate with the techno finance nature of the business.

The ICO will give the investors a chance to acquire an “exitable” holding as well as release the Incent Token into circulation as well as setting the initial market price.

The platform continues to receive praises and recognition from different quarters. The Chief Executive Officer of Waves, a block chain  ecosystem, Sasha Ivanov recognized the potential being tapped by Incent and could not hide his excitement on this development, recognizing it as a first in the industry. “The first, universal merchant-backed loyalty platform,” said Sasha while adding that they have built Waves for applications like Incent. “I’m thrilled to announce our partnership on this exciting project,” added Sasha.

According to Incent Chief Executive Officer, the ICO is in full swing, they have succeed in raising 957.96003718 BTC for the last twenty days since the opening of the Initial Coin Offer, 791096.38093931 Waves have been raised and only $4,200,388.69 remaining to ICO close.

Incent uses block chain technology to create transferable and freely tradable crypto tokens which can be shared between the businesses who form part of the Incent network. The merchants can then use the tokens to reward their loyal customers. The rewards can be given through instant crediting to their wallet and have them accessed through the mobile phone or web browser.

Redeeming the rewards is not only limited to one retailer, the consumers can use it in any business enterprise which is a member of the Incent Loyalty program. Also the Incent rewards can be gifted to customers or basically traded for “Fiat” as well as other digital currencies.

With Incent allowing for instant settlement and the fact that rewards can be used in real world means that it is a great incentive to increase the customer retention. Analysts observe that an increase of the number of participating businesses in the platform, the value of finite number of reward token is also set to increase.

Incent partnership with Waves platform a block chain eco-system, through which the tokens will be issued provides the company with a smooth channel where the merchants will not need any additional tools to enjoy the benefits provided by the reward scheme. Also by being on a block chain, it becomes similar to Bitcoin only that it operates on a proof of stake model with circulation mainly driven by transaction volume of the merchants.

In terms of deciding the worth of Incent, the CEO said that the market forces will rule but added that since merchant dollars will continually drive demand the conditions are expected to be stable and liquid with assets appreciation backed in from the first day.

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About Incent

Incent is both a cryptographic token and a loyalty eco-system, which allows merchant clients to incentivise custom by rewarding their customers, at the point of transaction, which has the unique property of being convertible on the Waves blockchain.

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