Emerging film director turns to Gofundme.com for his short film project

D.J. Floyd is an aspiring film director, actor, writer and producer who has launched a fundraising campaign on crowd funding platform gofundme.com. Inspired by the success of many other fundraisers on the website, started by emerging artists, Floyd has announced the release of this campaign with a goal of $20.5k. He will utilize the amount raised by the campaign to develop his dream project, a short film titled “Ace of Spades”.

Floyd is highly passionate about his career and goal on life and he is working twenty four seven to make his dreams a reality but still he is falling short on the financial aspect. He is completely involved into film industry and has no other source of income as of now which is why he has turned to the masses for following his passions and getting paychecks out of it.

“Ace of Spades is a dream project for me and I have been wanting to complete this since a long while but budget constraints are stopping me from doing so. I request and urge everyone to donate to this fundraising project so that I can create this short film and entertain people with that”, says Floyd in his statement.

Floyd wishes to own his own film and television production company and he’ll utilize the amount to establish this as well. At first, he’ll use the money to complete his short film project after which he’ll put it into his film and television production company. He really hopes that this campaign will help him in living the life of his dreams and achieve success in the film industry. More information about the campaign can be found on Gofundme.com.

Email: hardwork.dedication094@yahoo.com

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