Protect Workers from Seasonal Sicknesses with a Thorough Cleaning from the JAN-PRO Jacksonville Crew

Flu season is coming and with it comes a sharp rise in sick days. One of the best ways to keep workers healthy is a powerful cleaning that disinfects the entire building. For commercial cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, that removes germs and grime, turn to JAN-PRO Jacksonville.

Get ready for cold and flu season by scheduling thorough disinfections by the professionals at JAN-PRO Jacksonville. Their team helps businesses of all types from all over the First Coast stay immaculately clean while also cutting down on illness-causing bacteria. From offices and banks to schools and health care facilities, they do it all. Reach out to their crew for commercial cleaning services in Jacksonville, FL, that leave no grime behind.

A clean work environment is a must for healthy employees and better productivity. Sicknesses like the common cold and viruses like influenza thrive in dirty workplaces, making the employees ill, less productive, and more likely to miss work. By keeping the common areas where these illnesses spread clean, an employer can raise worker morale and boost profits. JAN-PRO Jacksonville makes this possible by providing hospital-strength sanitation while also cleaning the workplace from top to bottom.

Their cleaning crew uses the specialized EnviroShield System, which eliminates 99.9% of the commonly found bacteria and germs that make people sick. Since EnviroShield is a hospital-grade disinfectant, it cuts down on cross-contamination risks and ensures the space is as disinfected as possible. Reach out to their crew to learn more about the EnviroShield System and how it helps decrease the number of sick days workers take.

Countless businesses around the First Coast also count on the JAN-PRO Jacksonville team to keep their floors and carpets immaculate. Floors of all types undergo a lot of wear-and-tear during the course of a workday, diminishing their beauty and dragging down the business’s image. A professional cleaning removes any stains or scuff marks and can even improve the indoor air quality by removing dirt and debris.

Find out more about the cleaning services from JAN-PRO Jacksonville by calling 904-717-1210 or visiting them online at Their crew proudly serves commercial and industrial properties throughout the greater Jacksonville area.

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