Vaportronix, LLC Announces Partnership with Celebrity Connected Honoring The American Music Awards

MIAMI, Florida – Oct. 25, 2016 – The success of Vaportronix, LLC and the notoriety of their product, the VQ, continue to grow. Vaportronix is pleased to announce that the VQ, a vaporizer and cell phone case in one, will be a featured sponsor at a pre-party for the 2016 AMAs in November. This opportunity gives Vaportronix the chance to showcase their product amongst an exclusive group of influencers who use only the most state of the art technology and gadgets. 

In recent weeks, the Vaportronix team has been ramping up its marketing efforts, and this has attracted a number of partnerships to their business – without them even having to lift a finger. 

“Everyone comes to us. People see how unique our product is, and that does the legwork for us,” said Vaportronix CEO, Steven Stanimirovic. “They contacted us. We are so focused serving our customers and designing new products, so we don’t have much time to reach out to these organizations, but we are very excited about this opportunity.” 

With its sleek design and innovative functionality, Vaportronix has seen their VQ get a boost in popularity. The product is featured on, and calls the VQ “the vaping device James Bond would use.” 

The VQ is a cell phone case that stores and charges your vaporizer with the VQStick. The product design eliminates two common vaping issues: forgetting your vape pen and dealing with a short battery life. The VQ solves both of these problems while bringing the ultimate convenience to vaping on the go. Unlike other products of its kind, the VQ is sold with empty cartridges, so you can use any wax or liquid you’d like in its designated cartridge. 

On top of getting ready for the AMA pre-party, the team at Vaportronix have been hard at work on new products and they expect to make more developments in the coming weeks. 

With 25 different claims filed in their patents on the cell phone case, Vaportonix establishes themselves as a dominant player in the cell phone accessory game at just the right time. The use of traditional tobacco products is at an all-time low for American adults, largely due to the widespread adoption of vaping. The popularity of vaping is growing; not just in the U.S., but worldwide. On top of this, research indicates that vaping could offer an improvement to public health with fewer people smoking in a traditional way.

About Vaportronix, LLC 

CEO Steven Stanimirovic and CTO Jonathan Romero founded Vaportronix, LLC in Miami, FL in 2014. David Abadi currently serves as the company’s president. From their inception, the main goal of Vaportonix has been to create a discreet and convenient vaping experience that customers would want to use in their daily lives. They plan to bring more innovative products, like the VQ, to the vaping industry.

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