Meth Addiction Surges in North Dakota

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Meth addiction is now the most significant drug threat in the entire state of North Dakota.

Authorities have linked its rise to the North Dakota oil boom, which happens to be an unwanted side effect of people from outside the state arriving in large numbers. While much of the oil boom has subsided, meth addiction surges in North Dakota.

The federal government initiated a crackdown at both the state and federal level. All this with little avail as the drug continued to make its way into the state through oil patch communities. With drugs come drug-related arrests and charges. The meth challenge is not confined to any one area. It appears to be statewide.

Meth was a problem in North Dakota long before oil came to town. North Dakota has wide open spaces, rugged badlands, and too little law enforcement coverage. The state’s Attorney General’s Office takes the meth problem quite seriously, in spite of numbers that keep rising.

Signs of Meth Addiction

There are tell-tale signs that a person may have a meth addiction, and they include the following: an increase in physical activity, dilated pupils, appetite loss, an inability to sleep, and sweating. Meth, more than any other drug, has an ability to rot the body from within. A sign of meth addiction is also rotting teeth. Users may also have scabs and open sores on various parts of their body.

Getting Rehab Help

Meth addiction is curable, even though it happens to be one of the most difficult addictions to cure. Checking into rehab is the first step, then detox can begin. During intake the rehab facility will conduct a thorough assessment of the patient’s medical background, and follow up with questions concerning family member drug abuse.

Patients will also be assisted to help them determine how their treatment will be paid for. Once a patient is cleared for entry, a thorough medical exam is conducted. Patients are also screened for co-occurring mental disorders such as mood disorders, eating disorders, eating disorders, depression, and anxieties. Effective treatment plans can then be designed to fit each patient’s needs.

Meth detox can be painful, and may include withdrawal symptoms of paranoia, psychosis, extreme fatigue, anxiety, hallucinations, severe depression, and continued cravings for the drug. Once detox is accomplished, patients can adjust much better to counseling and behavioral therapies. Counseling can take the form of one-on-one, family, or group counseling. In any event, cognitive behavioral therapy, (CBT) provides patients with the tools to closely examine their own thinking patterns, and draw parallels with their present circumstances in life. A person’s mind has to heal if their body is to remain healed. Relapse is a reminder that people have tried to quit, and failed. If you or a loved one is suffering from a debilitating addiction, help is often only a phone call away.

Some people fear detox symptoms more than quitting meth. It may not be pleasant, but the only other alternative is to keep sinking lower in life. The worse that can happen is that a person disappears off the face of the earth.

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