Georgia Drug Trends – Increases in Synthetic and Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription painkiller drugs are running rampant throughout Georgia.

The problem, growing, is fueled by both legal and illegal means. Such painkiller drugs include Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and Hydrocodone, to simply name a few. However, there are other prescription drugs that hit the streets. They include Adderall, and Ritalin along with medications for anxiety like Valium, Xanax, and other pills people abuse due to sleep disorders.

While the drug problem primarily affects adults, it also affects teens who steal from their parent’s medicine cabinet and share with friends. Georgia drug trends indicate increases in synthetic and prescription drug abuse.

Synthetic Drugs That Have Spiked

Synthetic marijuana, synthetic meth, and synthetic ecstasy are also on the loose and creating havoc in the lives of Georgians. Crack and heroin, during the 1980s, used to be an inner-drug problem within the state, but has largely subsided. A bigger problem now is the abuse of prescription drugs, which can lead to heroin use and addiction. Heroin has invaded the suburbs.

As it stands, drug transport is easy in any state when considering railroads, highways, marine ports, and an infinite number of bus routes. Interstate I-95 runs from Miami all the way to New York City. It is a popular and well-used drug route that passes through Georgia as well. Many of the drugs that reach the state arrive through this route. As many as seven percent of all Georgia residents used an illicit drug prior to the month in which they were surveyed. During the time of the survey, the national average was eight percent.

Marijuana Is the Most Widely Used Drug

Marijuana, often imported from Mexico and grown locally, is still the most widely used drug in Georgia. Cocaine, and crack cocaine, widely used as well, are imported from California and Texas. Heroin, and ecstasy are also popular among younger Georgians and arrive by similar routes.

Seeking Clinical Help for Drug Abuse

Addiction is a serious matter for residents of Georgia. It can lead to convictions/jail time for possession, altered careers, and broken relationships of every kind imaginable.

When addiction is at play, the only viable solution is to seek clinical rehab help. Rehab facilities conduct a thorough assessment of the patient’s medical background, and will ask pertinent questions about any family members who may have an abuse problem. Once the patients is admitted, the first order of business is to conduct a thorough physical and psychological evaluation so that an effective, individualized, treatment plan can be put together. It also allows clinicians to screen for mental disorders like depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorder, and other mood disorders. These can all lead to relapse if not discovered.

Inpatient and outpatient programs are generally recommended depending on the patient’s drug of choice, their health, and the length of time addicted. Detox is the first and often the most important phase of rehab. However, detox alone cannot place a person’s feet squarely on the road to recovery. This is why an effective treatment plan will include counseling and cognitive behavioral therapies. Patients are tasked to break free from their negative thinking patterns and make the connection of how their thinking has led to their present circumstance.

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