Facing the Reality of Illicit Drug Abuse and Alcohol in Washington

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Drug addiction is not a new phenomenon in Washington. It was during the 1990’s grunge movement that musicians flocked to the state in a musical movement that brought heroin along with the arts.

Drugs quickly made their way into communities where people experienced opiates and drugs for the very first time. The effects were devastating on communities. Today, Washington’s drug epidemic is a major problem. For over 30 years, Washington has dealt with a drug problem where the death rate exceeds the nation’s average. Participation opiates are partly to blame for the state’s illicit drug problem. Authorities are facing the reality of illicit drug abuse and alcohol in Washington.

While drugs continue to be a major challenge for authorities to keep under control, the most pressing addiction in Washington is alcoholism, and this includes underage drinking. No fewer than one in eight twelfth graders had reported drinking at least 30 days prior to a survey conducted to learn more about their drinking habits. High school kids also regularly use prescription drugs to regularly get high.

Nearly half of all rehab treatment facilities, publicly funded, report that 40 percent of new patients are between the ages of 18 and 25. This represents a serious drug addiction problem with the nation’s youth. The following numbers indicate the seriousness of Washington’s drug and alcohol problems.

1) Substance abuse causes the state nearly $2 billion annually.

2) Crimes related to substance abuse cost the state nearly $1 billion annually.

3) Medical care resulting from substance abuse costs the state roughly $800 million each year.

This is a lot of overhead the state spends in simply dealing with drugs. It takes from education, infrastructure, and other needed services.

The Best Defense is Prevention

A cost-effective solution to Washington’s drug and alcohol epidemic is prevention. Most people still do not understand how detrimental drugs and alcohol can be on a person’s life. Addiction ruins lives, let there be no mistake about it. Relationships wither, jobs and careers are lost, and constructive lives are ruined virtually overnight.

When an adult or teen realizes they have hit the bottom, rehab is the solution that can get their life back on track.

What Rehab Offers

Rehab consists of three main elements: detox, rehab, and aftercare. For the addict, there is no better solution to removing harmful chemicals and reestablishing a positive thinking process. No rehab works without being able to help patients make the connection of how their thinking affects their behavior.

Doctors determine whether treatments will be inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient treatment offers patients around-the-clock medications and support. Outpatient treatment, just as effective, can work around a patient’s schedule. This works for both teens and adults. Teens, in rehab, can continue to go to school. Adults can continue to work and take care of the important issue in their life.

Addiction is treatable. All a person has to do is take the first, admit there is a problem, then seek help. Find a center that fits your individual needs. Consider the centers treatment rate of success, and make the decision to turn your life around.

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