Heroin-Related Deaths Surge in Maine

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Maine has experienced a surge in heroin-related deaths that is not difficult to explain.

In today’s world, the majority of heroin users were first hooked on painkillers and opioid drugs. When prescription became limited or ran out, they graduated to the much cheaper and much more available heroin. Partly to blame is the prescription industry that over-prescribes medications for people dealing with chronic pain and injuries. Authorities are scrambling for solutions as heroin-related deaths surge in Maine.

Heroin Addiction

It is possible for someone to abuse heroin without anyone else being aware. However, prolonged use offers tell-tale signs. If you are concerned about a loved one, or you know that an addiction has taken over your life, the following signs indicate it is time to seek clinical help. Heroin kills, and at the very least can cause lung damage, heart damage, mental blockage, and kidney failure.

Heroin use is the same as heroin addiction. It is virtually impossible for active heroin use not to lead to addiction. Heroin is a fast-acting opiate that produces a fast surge of euphoria. A downside is the body builds tolerance, and users have to take more and more of the drug to feel the same euphoric feelings. Addicts usually end up using more frequently as a result. One sign of heroin use is when a person begins vomiting and feeling nauseas all of a sudden. Skin infections are common, and the addict no longer seems immune to the usual illnesses.

Heroin Treatment and Detox

When an addict makes the decision to find help, the first and most important act is to seek treatment at a rehab facility. Intake helps determine whether treatments will be inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient treatments provide 24/7 access to medications, dietary modalities, and clinical support. They also provide patients with sound counseling and cognitive therapies that can help them make distinctions between positive and negative thinking. Patients also learn more about their addiction, its causes, and those elements (triggers) that can cause a relapse. Triggers are the circumstances, events, people, and places that induce people to abuse drugs.

Outpatient treatment is effective as well. It benefits patients by allowing them to get on with their lives while working toward sobriety. In both modalities, patients are encouraged to adapt positive thinking habits. Positive thinking leads to improved outcomes. Without positive thinking, rehab would not be as effective. A patient has to want to get well and to abstain from abusing drugs or alcohol. As much as a patient wants to quit heroin, it is never recommended they quit alone or cold turkey. Detox, without proper supervision, can be deadly. Patients try but ultimately must continue using to curb their withdrawal symptoms. Some patients relapse even after having had a successful rehab.

It is never easy, and once an addict, the urge to use again may linger in the back of the mind for years. Hopefully, rehab imparts the necessary counseling and cognitive therapies that can help addicted individuals cope with triggers when they suddenly appear.

Counseling, more than any other tool, helps patients to reconnect with things that matter in life. When a person finds purpose, good things happen in life.

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