Syoptek comes up with its range of fiber optic tools kits

Syoptek manufactures, retails and supplies various fiber optic tools. Their range of products includes various fiber optic switches, fiber tools, fiber optic tool kit, etc.

Fiber optical instruments have been in great demand since their inception. They have come up as a useful replacement for traditional cables. The biggest advantage with fiber optical cables is that they help in increasing security and reducing the attenuation rates. The most common areas where they are used are using adapters, cleaning kits, laying telephone lines and much more. It is important to get in touch with an expert to make sure that one gets a quality instrument. One of the professional companies that has been producing all kinds of fiber tools are Syoptek.

Purchasing fiber optic instrument are always a long term investment and one must buy them after making a proper research. The visual fault locator consists of VFL-150 pocket visual fault locator, VFL-100 pocket visual fault locator, universal 1.25 mm adapter and VFL-9000 visual fault locator. It is important to have tools that can effectively point out faults in cable wires. The main purpose of a visual fault locator is the help people in identifying the problem area and getting it corrected. It is compact and comes with an ergonomic design.

There is the OTDR 110 SM that helps in testing the overall condition of the fiber wires. It is really essential to test the connector loss, fiber loss and various other characteristics of the fiber. These are moisture proof and they are sized 4.3 inches. Only a professional can make these accurately and it’s important to have a look at the specifications before making a purchase. The OTDR launch cable box consists of various products with different wavelengths.

Syoptek comes up with its range of fiber optic tools kits

These products can be used outdoors as well as indoors. It is important to make sure that the installation has been done properly and one purchases them from an experienced manufacturer. Buyers can have a look at the tools kits provided by the company. The optical cleaning kit is very essential as it helps in maintaining all the fiber products purchased. The neoclean optical connectors help in cleaning the wires that connect each other. Foam swabs, cleaning swabs, smart cleaners, one click cleaner and various other tools and solutions are required to maintain the fiber instruments.

There is the fusion splicer consists of the FS-605 Core alignment fusion splicer. This is the best instrument used for tough working condition. It comes with a user friendly interface and helps in improving the alignment of the fiber wires. The splice time of these products lasts around 8 seconds and it is applicable to almost all the products.

About Syoptek International Limited:

Syoptek International Limited  is a Chinese company that has been selling various fiber tools kits for a long time now. They manufacture these products and also sell them through their online store. To know more about the company one can have a look at the abovementioned link.

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