Ready to Work out with Airwheel personal transporter Electric Scooters?

Do people feel that life repeat itself? Work, home and sleep. Now the monotonous lifestyle can be enlivened by Airwheel electric scooters. Stand on the vehicle to get some exercise and fresh air.

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After a day’s toil in company, people feel reluctant to move when they return home. The weight-loss plans and the fitness cards are all casted aside. Without workout, people gain weight again. Now it is time to break the vicious circle. Let Airwheel Smart Electric Bike make everyday workout plans for the daily office workers.

Airwheel Smart Electric Bike

When people do not feel like to get out, it is very likely that they don’t have a fancy and desirable vehicle. If they own an Airwheel saddle-equipped scooter S8, there may be quite a difference. Airwheel S8 is a new type of commuting vehicle which requires unique operation mode. S8 has ditched the operating handle. It accelerates and decelerates by user leaning forward and backward. Differentiated from electric unicycles, it is equipped with a standing board and a saddle. There are two ways to control it. Standing to operate the vehicle can burn quite a lot of calories. S8 occupies very little space and it can make a 360° turn simply at home. Working out with an S8 will not be limited by time and space. Even when people ride it to work, it may also keep them fit and get them rid of traffic congestion.

Airwheel saddle-equipped scooter S

If people wish to go to the open fields and can not control Airwheel S8 easily, Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooter is an efficient alternative. Z5 is a foldable intelligent scooter, also powered by electricity. It can reach a maximum speed of 20 km/h. It costs no pain for riders to get around and embrace the wind. When people wish to go further places with a Z5 mini electric scooter, they can fold the vehicle and take them onto buses or metros. Riding is no longer a burden and riders can feel free to go anywhere. Thus the journey will not be limited by the battery range. Z5 is also suitable to serve as a daily commuting vehicle for work.

Airwheel is a commuting solution provider. It integrates fun and fitness purpose into daily commuting. The fashionable and useful vehicles will rouse people’s passion for exercise.

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