Extra Mile Day Celebrates Awesome Volunteer Heroes Across U.S.

Declaration on November 1 acknowledges volunteers “going the extra mile”.

Los Angeles, CA, October 25, 2016 — On November 1st, mayors in over 550 cities and towns across America will declare “Extra Mile Day” and celebrate local volunteer heroes. In teaming with Extra Mile America, mayors from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, will acknowledge the significant impact of volunteers and organizations who are “going the extra mile” to create positive change in their community.

Heroes and their contributions are being recognized in all 50 states. In Canton, Ohio, brothers Robert and Patrick Harper made sure that the skies were not dark on the 4th of July. They led the charge in raising $33,000 to make sure that Canton had fireworks on Independence Day. In Columbus, Mississippi, Tjajuan Boswell, known as the “Rose of Columbus,” highlights the beauty of her city by planting trees, shrubs and flowers throughout. Arnold, Missouri, heroes Omar Ruiz, a police officer, worked countless hours heading up emergency operations during Arnold’s horrific flood, and Teresa Kohut, the Recreation Center Supervisor, led the charge to make sure that volunteers were adequately fed and cared for during the same flood.

“Across America there are amazing people and organizations who are truly ‘going the extra mile’ and making unique contributions that make their communities a special place,” says Extra Mile Day founder Shawn Anderson. “They are not the people who are making news and TMZ headlines, but they are the people who are restoring hope, optimism and kindness. They are my heroes.”

Started in 2009 with 23 inaugural cities, Extra Mile Day has continued to grow every year as more and more volunteers are being recognized for their extra-mile service and contributions. Local cities are taking the time to clap for heroes such as Barre City, Vermont, volunteer Barbara Fantoni. Her service began in the 1940’s with Girl Scouts and continued for the next seven decades to include PTO, Cub Scouts, and the East Barre Congregational Church. Barbara’s service continues as she makes quilts for those in need and bakes pies to sell for the benefit of the fire department. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, Louis L. Reed stands out as he has stepped forward to re-direct, motivate and coach those being imprisoned and those who are coming out and re-entering society.

“Change in society doesn’t just automatically happen; it takes vision and action combined,” says Anderson. “It’s the extra mile people who are stepping forward, taking personal responsibility and working unselfishly who are creating that change.” Anderson concludes, “Extra Mile Day is one day a year where an opportunity is created to clap for people whose heart is dedicated to serving others 365 days a year.”

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