Airwheel A3 Electric Scooter with Seat for adults Deserving the Name Of User-Oriented Product

Airwheel always insists on providing consumers with best products and services. Obeying this, Airwheel has introduced us many amazing products that are affordable by the grand public and have the same performances as that of other products with much more expensive. Airwheel brought people A3 electric scooter with seat.

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Though commuters and students have loved the intelligent scooter and adopt it as a short or medium distance transportation, which helps to avoid the traffic jam and air pollution, the intelligent scooter can’t explore to a larger market and be used largely like the bike and the electric bike. To solve this problem, Airwheel release the first sitting-posture electric scooter—A3 in its 2015 new product announcement.

Airwheel Holding Limited

Airwheel always makes bold exploitations for providing consumers with better products and services. For more comfortable riding experiences, Airwheel A3 2 wheel electric scooter was designed with a V-shaped genuine leather saddle on an adjustable hydraulic suspension system. Such a module usually appears on the professional scrambling motorcycles.

 saddle-equipped scooter

Airwheel insists on using top-quality vehicle units for its intelligent scooters, including Airwheel A3. The top-quality lithium battery cores make people wonder how much energy it is in such a small vehicle. The branded tyres with special treads offer people the smooth and stable riding experience people never experienced before. The powerful yet maglev motors are durable and efficient; because of them, people may wonder how strong Airwheel A3 is with such a small vehicle body. The design of intuitive controls are also inherited by Airwheel A3 self-balancing scooter. With such a controlling mechanism, riders are able to control the intelligent scooters by just tilting slightly towards the directions they want.

Airwheel A3 self-balancing scooter

The suspension system can be adjusted to offer riders the most comfortable riding posture. Airwheel developed a smart phone APP for consumers offering more convenience to riders. Such an APP adds more intelligent functions to A3 saddle-equipped scooter. Airwheel aims to provide consumers with best services and products, and Airwheel A3 is the best proof of Airwheel’s sincerity to consumers.

Airwheel has introduced us many amazing products that are affordable and high quality, like A3 electric scooter with seat. Please click for more information of Airwheel.

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