CRI Naturals Expanding Operations to Meet Demands

CRI Naturals, a manufacturer of groundbreaking lifestyle products derived from natural ingredients, has decided to expand operations to keep up with the high demand for their range of natural supplements and products.

25th October, 2016 – CRI Naturals is pleased to announce a significant expansion of the company’s operations with immediate effect. Official sources have informed that this expansion of operations will help them efficiently manage the rising demand for their popular lifestyle products. CRI Naturals is dedicated to researching different natural remedies, and utilizing their remedial power to deliver affordable life-changing supplements. The mission is to reveal the science behind all-natural, alternative health solutions to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Within a limited lifespan, CRI Naturals has carved a niche for themselves with their highly effective natural health supplements. Some of the most sought after products from the company are

  • ActBiotics: Probiotic formulation supporting immunity and digestive health
  • ArthroActive: Helps relieve joint pain and promote joint mobility
  • Estrovive: Ensures menopausal balance
  • Prostaleaf: Provides natural prostate relief
  • Slimming Leaf Tea: For natural weight loss and body detox

A regular user of CRI Naturals products mentions in his review, “I love that CRI actually does their homework before releasing  a supplement on the market, so that I know there is actually research that shows it will do something for me. My favourite is Slimming Leaf, a detox tea that helps me lose weight!”

Coping up with the high demand for their products has been a matter of concern for the company because of the consistently high demand. Making things worse, most of the ingredients used by CRI Naturals are difficult to source. As a result, the product has been sold out and on back order several times in the recent months. However, the company believes that their expanded operations will ensure easier availability of all of their products.

Highlighting the need for the company to expand their operations, a senior official from CRI Naturals said, “We will still go out of stock sometimes, as some of our ingredients are difficult to get depending on the season and other factors, but this expansion should allow us to significantly increase production to meet our customer’s needs.”

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About CRI Naturals: CRI Naturals is dedicated to delivering lifestyle products that help users stay healthy, naturally, the way nature intended, and partnering with leading health experts to produce groundbreaking, top quality products. Their goal is to reveal the science behind the best natural solutions to the modern health problems by studying natural remedies, and putting them into affordable lifestyle enhancing daily supplements that can be used to live a long, happy, healthy life.




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Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, or nutritional supplement.

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