Dr Richard Balikian Discusses The Irony of Facial Fillers

“Juvederm facial filler series”
Facial fillers and other injectable procedures are now very common for plumping up sagging skin and filling folds. The scalpel is now being replaced by injectable fillers and fat transfer.

Lean body, plump face. That’s what a woman wants. Oh, the irony of modern beauty.

Madonna has famously made the point, “I knew I had to choose between my face and my body. I always knew I’d choose the latter.”

But is that really true? Enter dermal fillers, the newest weapon in a woman’s arsenal of non-surgical anti-aging treatments.

Not sure what they are? Here is a closer look.

Using Dermal Fillers for Facial Volume 

Dermal fillers are gels that a doctor injects into areas of the face to plump up and fill out lines and wrinkles. Whether the problem is caused by weight loss or aging, the fillers can restore the volume.

Dermal fillers are usually made from hyaluronic gels, though others stimulate the production of collagen. The effects of all of them are temporary, lasting 4 to 24 months.

The goal of dermal fillers is to give a lift to sagging skin and static lines, and to contour and shape sections of the face, giving them a more youthful look.

Who Are They For? 

After age 30, the amount of collagen that a person’s body produces naturally slows down. That’s when men and women start noticing fine lines and signs of sagging.

Dermal fillers work for men and women and are ideal to counteract the depleted look that comes with this loss of collagen. They can counteract the effects of less elasticity and the loss of fullness.  

Dermal fillers work well on the lips, in the cheek and around the mouth. In all cases, it helps add volume, which improves the contour of the face.

The results are natural looking, as long as you don’t over-treat the area. That’s why experienced cosmetic surgeons insist on moderation when using fillers.

The effects are then subtle and specific changes are hard to pinpoint. But people who see you will notice a general improvement. It’s common to hear friends say how healthy you look.

The Filler Treatment 

The procedure lasts about an hour. You can see improvement right away, but the most accurate results are evident after about three weeks. At that point any swelling has gone down and the filler itself has fully blended with the surrounding tissue.

The effects usually last from 6 to 24 months. The actual time depends on several factors, including where it is injected and the type of filler that the doctor used.

If you choose not to keep having treatments, the skin will gradually lose volume as the product breaks down, allowing the natural aging process to carry on.

Injecting dermal fillers is a medical cosmetic procedure, and needs to be done by a skilled practitioner. In the hands of an inexperienced doctor or plastic surgeon, the filler can end up looking lumpy.

Trust Experience

The focus of Dr. Richard V. Balikian’s cosmetic surgery practice is on natural looking results. Beside his extensive credentials as a surgeon, he has a BA in art history. This stimulated his interest in the changing concepts of beauty over the centuries. His work as a cosmetic surgeon reflects these two elements of his training: he is a highly trained surgeon with a strong interest in aesthetics.

Dr. Balikian has been serving the San Diego region since 2007. He is double board certified:

  • American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

He was selected for advanced training with a fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery through the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has taught at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Call today for a consultation to find out how dermal fillers can add volume and contouring to your face.

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