Save Samia: YouTube Sensation LaToya Releases Adventure Game

Toronto, Canada, October 25, 2016: YouTube sensation LaToya Forever recently announced the launch of a free to play, fun adventure game called ‘Save Samia’, based on the real-life daughter of the famous vlogger and one of the key characters in her reality vlog series.

The game is available for downloading on iOS and Android platforms and can also be played online on Facebook. Save Samia promises to be entertaining and challenging at the same time. It is Samia’s first day of school and the player must run, slide and jump across obstacles and overcome several traps set in the grimy streets of Toronto all the while pushing Samia’s stroller to ensure that she reaches school on time. Rated E for Everyone, the game has several perks. You can work your way to the top of the Leaderboard and also unlock new characters, all of whom are from the popular YouTube Channel that has over 600,000 subscribers.

LaToya’s Forever YouTube channel ‘LaToyasLife’ is a regularly updated reality vlog series featuring a host of likeable characters including Zayn, WaWa, Adam and of course the founder mom turned vlogger, LaToya and her first child Samia.

To make the game even more interesting, the design employs vibrant colors. It’s an endless running game. You can increase your points by collecting baby care related items such as baby bottles, diapers and soothers, avoid obstacles such as oilspills, hunty heat and basketballs as well as get instant power-ups by finding a protein shake, stud’s sunglasses or even a laser focus. The player initially gets to play as LaToya racing across the streets of Toronto that have a film noir-ish feel before progressing onto higher levels and unlocking other characters.

The game is unique in the sense that it’s probably one of the very few mobile games to be based on a popular YouTube channel. LaToya came up with the idea of the game and Save Samia will have a worldwide release, just a few days before the real Samia’s birthday to commemorate the special occasion. The game, which is suitable for all ages, is sure to be a hit among teenagers and YouTube viewers in particular, especially if they are already familiar with the characters from the channel. However you need not be a LaToya fan to enjoy this game. With its easy and minimalist game design and invigorating game play, Save Samia might just prove to be as addictive and popular as Subway Surfers or Temple Run. And the best part is that game is absolutely free.

Whether you’re a teenager looking for a new game to download, an ardent subscriber of LaToya’s channel or a mother, this game is bound to appeal to you and be worth your time.

Find out more by checking out the website WWW.SAVESAMIA.COM or for further information, feel free to contact LaToya at

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