Brooklyn Fashion Brand Kirrin Finch Launches Eco-Conscious Fall Winter Collection

BROOKLYN, NY – 10/26/2016 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — Kirrin Finch, a unique Brooklyn-based e-commerce brand, today launched its fall winter collection of eco-conscious button-up shirts that combine the design and aesthetic of menswear with the perfect fit for a range of female bodies.

Founded by Brooklyn couple Laura and Kelly Moffat who were routinely disappointed by ill-fitting menswear and overly frilly womenswear. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in February of this year raising $36,000, the two continue to push boundaries in fashion with the launch of their new collection of menswear-inspired button-ups featuring fun elbow patches, rich colored fall plaids, and eco-friendly fabrics.

“Our new collection is about bringing unique combinations of bold colors and textures together to form a subtle blend of men’s and women’s style. People no longer want to be seen as one identity and we want to give people the opportunity to express themselves outside of binary options,” said Laura Moffat, Co-Founder, Kirrin Finch

With the launch of this latest collection, Kirrin Finch introduces a size 18, to increase their size range to a total of nine sizes running from 2-18. “The average women in America is a size 14 and most brands stop at a size 12. We think it’s important to offer great designs in a range of sizes to fit different bodies,” said Kelly Moffat, Co-Founder Kirrin Finch

Of equal importance to the founders is ensuring the collection is manufactured in the United States using sustainable materials and practices. They recently launched a project to upcycle their shirt fabric scraps into bow ties to help reduce the large amounts of textile waste that ends up in landfills.

“Fashion is the 2nd largest polluting industry in the world. We are in an era of rampant consumption with fast fashion, and it’s having detrimental effects on the earth. Our goal is to make a small dent to help reduce carbon emissions and textile waste, while providing education to allow consumers to make informed choices,” said Kelly Moffat, Co-Founder, Kirrin Finch.

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