What are the advantages of Beijing PengYuanYingBan Internet Service Creative Education Method compared with traditional education method?

Nowadays, education has been a hot topic of the society along with learning foreign languages. With the improvement of open communications among countries all over the world, the importance of managing foreign languages is gradually highlighted. Many parents try their best to let their children accept education under good language environment in advance. Even many adults recognize the importance of foreign language ability in daily life and work and they try to find ways to improve their foreign language abilities themselves. Such heating foreign language learning atmosphere let us realize that good foreign language education environment and its methods are of great importance.

New Education Concept

In order to improve foreign language ability, many people choose to study in different education institutions. However, many education institutions now are not only expensive and far away from home, but also their courses are tedious and the effect of them is not perfect. To conquer these problems, Beijing PengYuanYingBan Internet Service Co., Ltd. breakthroughs the disadvantages of traditional education and contributes to construct an English practice platform across regions and countries. The company builds a new study mode with high efficiency for customers. The online one-to-one entire English practice project, “Little Private School with Me” of the company, provides private education courses according to the English conditions of students, interacts with students in one-to-one entire English environment, creates pure English environment for students, explores how to study languages impressively and effectively from language fundamental and achieves the goal of learning English easily and efficiently at anytime and anywhere.

Situational Education Method

Many parents often complain that they are really bothered for their children who don’t like learning. In fact, good learning methods can not only improve children’s school records, but also increase their learning interest. “Little Private School with Me” adapts mass interesting image-text matching education, gradually generates into advanced education combined with the situations. It is more equipped with constant interaction practice education and layer to layer progress improving education. Meanwhile it avoids dull course study, increases children’s positivity. In addition, adhering to the principle of “practice is better than learning”, the one-to-one entire English environment teaching method makes children speak English entirely during courses.

Strong Faculty

Beijing PengYuanYingBan Internet Service Co., Ltd. has strong faculty, absorbs professional and qualified overseas students, English high-achieving students of 211/985 key universities and foreign teachers as teachers of the company. They can only be teachers of “Little Private School with Me” after layers of filters, which include strict trainings and professional tests. At the same time, the company carries out Children Group, Parent-child Group and Adult Group to assist interaction in view of different English levels and acceptance abilities of different students. The company keeps pace with the times and educates with a full heart, all these are only to promote the new Internet education and fulfill the dream of improving education.

New Risk-free management authorized Network Agents

In order to make more people familiar with the new qualified Internet education, Beijing PengYuanYingBan Internet Service Co., Ltd. now sincerely recruits agents facing the whole society. Compared with managements of traditional goods authorized agents, there is no need for course agents to stock, pay or pack. The only work for them is to popularize the Internet education method and make the customers know the courses by network propagation. For such a non-investment and non-risk agent management, what are you waiting for? Welcome to join us and fulfill the education dream together.

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