Airwheel personal transporter Electric Scooters Teach People How to Ride Gracefully

Different types of Airwheel electric scooters require different riding modes. But they can all offer the most comfortable and elegant riding experience.

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Do people feel bored of the unique riding mode of bikes and electromobiles. Do they feel like trying some fancy and elegant vehicles which make them the spotlight on the streets? Airwheel electric scooters can satisfy the desires.

Airwheel foldable e bikes

Firstly, what kind of riding postures do they prefer? There are basically two types of riding modes, sitting or standing to operate. Airwheel foldable e bikes, E3 and E6, requires same operating ways like bikes. To suit different heights, the handle is adjustable. Along with the ergonomic saddle, E3 and E6 deliver the most comfortable user experience. Riders when sit on the vehicles can lay their feet on the pedals. It is the most desirable and elegant posture that one can achieve when riding an vehicle.

2-wheeled electric scoter Z5

Sometimes, office workers sit all day long indoor. They wish to find some vehicles which can help them work out but also will not be too laborsome. Then they should have a try of Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scoter Z5. Z5 has sportive genes within. Riders stand on the vehicle with two hands operating the handle. The vehicle has adopted two separate foldable pedals. Riders can lay two feet on the pedals, instead of crossing or twisting their feet. Meanwhile, the handle is also adjustable. Whether men or women, they can stand gracefully on the vehicle to move forward.

saddle-equipped scooter

Airwheel is most known for its Smart Electric Bike. But as the company keeps investing and innovating, electric self-balancing scooters have been presented in an instinctive shape. The release of a dual-function balancing scooter S8 has caused a stir in the industry. S8 adopts both standing pedals and a saddle. Users can shift between the two modes of operation, standing and sitting. The operating rod is designed as a curve, in accordance with ergonomic concepts. The saddle-equipped scooter appears elegant. Without doubt, people will fall in love with it at first sight. But it contrast with e bikes and Z5, S8 mini electric scooter is a little difficult to control as it is controlled by physical attitude.

Airwheel has already reaped a lot of fans, thanks to the various and fascinating operating modes. It is time to bring more spice to life.

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