On Demand Locksmiths Introduced New Master Lock Installation Service

On Demand Locksmiths, a service provider to the Calgary area for many years, recently introduced its newest service: master lock installation. With a quick arrival time, installation by a certified and professional locksmith technician, the new service adds to the already extensive list of On Demand offerings.

The company’s marketing manager says: “Expedited arrival time, any time of the day, means that, as with our other services, a skilled On Demand locksmith will be there to help quickly. Whatever the reason a new lock installation is required – whether a break-in, lost key or damaged lock – we get customers back on schedule and operating normally faster, even when the situation is not a typical emergency. Our new services is backed by the same On Demand guarantees, and the reputation we have built in the Calgary area.”

On Demand Locksmiths skilled technicians are professionally trained locksmiths. They have on the job experience, have perfected their skills, are dedicated to the craft, and continually update their skills and knowledge with latest techniques and technologies so they are able to handle all of their clients’ lock issues, whatever they may be. Backed by On Demand’s commitment to ensuring its service is both reliable, and affordable, customers get the benefit of both quality and affordability. As with the company’s other locksmith services, quotes for master lock installations are guaranteed to be without surprises and without hidden charges.

The company also offers consulting services, which can provide clients with longer-term advantages. Consulting services can include assessing a client’s current security needs, and then recommending and installing a system to best address those needs. Whether a client simply has a lock that is sticking or that is easily shimmied, or needs new or more complex locking hardware, such as an alarm or camera system, the company’s locksmiths are knowledgeable and experienced in the full range of their field to provide detailed options and expert advice. Once a customer has decided on the option that best suits their needs, the skilled technician can complete the install on the spot, saving the customer time and hassle.

The company also provides a full range of emergency locksmith services. Emergency services such as roadside, residential and commercial calls are handled with the same efficiency and effectiveness. Whether a client as lost keys, broken a key, or been locked out of a car, business, or home for whatever reason, On Demand Locksmiths is prepared to help. Emergency services including key cutting, ignition key removal and lock removal ensure clients are not locked out or stranded for long.

About On Demand Locksmiths:

On Demand Locksmiths has been operating in the Calgary area for many years. Through a dedicated team of locksmith professionals, the company is able to provide 24/7 emergency and roadside services, as well as consulting services for residential, auto and commercial needs. Whether clients have a quick problem to solve or are looking for a long-term security solution, the company offers the services and expertise clients need. For more information about On Demand Locksmiths, visit http://calgary-locksmith.ca/ or call (403) 775-2573.

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