Door Buddy® The Dog and Baby Proof Door Latch Celebrates One Year Anniversary

October 26, 2016 – Pelham, Alabama – Wittle LLC proudly announces a successful first year for Door Buddy®, an innovative product offering cat owners with a simple, convenient, and affordable way to keep dogs and babies out of the litter box while giving cats easy access. October 29, 2016 marks exactly one year since the introduction of Wittle LLC’s flagship product Door Buddy to the market.

Door Buddy was initially created by mom, Shanelle Johnson, when her 10 month old daughter became curious about exploring the house and ended up in the cat food and almost in the litter box. Knowing that other pet owners with both dogs and cats faced the same challenge, Shanelle together with her husband, Scott, created and launched Door Buddy as a way to ensure babies and dogs are kept out of rooms where they can get into trouble while still allowing easy accessibility for cats.

Door Buddy was really born out of necessity for us personally and so when we launched last year we did not know what to expect” said Shanelle. “We knew new parents with cats would really benefit from Door Buddy, but our biggest surprise has been the demand from our customers with dogs. So many of them have commented on how much they love it and how much simpler Door Buddy has made their lives by finally giving them an easier way to dog proof the litter box, cat food, or just to give their cat a room where they can go to escape the dog.”

The simple hook and latch system can be used from either side of the door giving pet owners quick and convenient access to the designated room. The key feature of Door Buddy that isn’t found in any other competing door lock is the ability to adjust. With the adjustable strap the customer can set the perfect width of the door opening allowing cats of all sizes to easily enter or exit the room while keeping anyone or anything remotely larger out.

Intended as an alternative to more complicated and expensive products like cat doors and pet gates, Door Buddy was designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. The product design along with the way it mounts allows it to work on wide variety of interior door types including door knob styles.

“We are really excited about Door Buddy’s success in our first year and look forward to the possibilities as we expand in the future” said Scott. Door Buddy is proudly made in the USA and is currently available for sale exclusively on and

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Wittle LLC is a family owned company that produces simple products that make the lives of parents and pet owners easier. The about us page on their website discusses what they are about and the products they offer.

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