Stopping The Addictive Cycle: Pure Commitment Launches Live Training In Palm Beach County

October, 2016 – Studies indicate the highest percentage of relapse will happen between the first 120 day of treatment. Based on those numbers alone clearly the journey for most addicts to reclaim back their life from the harsh grip of addiction is daunting. Millions of people leave addiction treatment centers year-in-year-out, yet find themselves back in the muddy waters of addiction and lose the battle of recovery. While most rehab centers agree, recovery remains successful during the constant monitoring with structure and accountability within their facility, the interim gap remains very difficult for their patients leaving to go home. At this critical point of recovery Pure Commitment offers support to clients that can privately retain coaching to close the relapse gap. Therefore, increasing client’s success to experience full recovery without starting the treatment process all over again. Fortunately, saving our client’s thousands of dollars from the cycle of addiction.    

In a statement by Founder and President of Pure Commitment, Mike Downing “When people leave rehab centers, they usually get stuck. They know what to do, they have been taught everything at the rehab, but staying on the course alone could be very difficult. From my experience, that is where rehab clients fail on the journey to recovery from addiction.”

Outside substance abuse, pornography addiction is a big threat and families struggling and damaged relationship ending in divorce without finding help. The addictive cycle is very hard to break and almost impossible to break the cycle alone. The unspoken nature of sexual addiction leads to embarrassment and shame merging together like glue to keep porn addiction thriving in the darkness. By compulsively clicking on porn images in secret is the perfect dark environment for growing sexual issues. Unlike mushrooms growing in dark place, people thrive better in the light over darkness.  

He comments further, “As a certified Addiction Recovery coach serving high profile clientele. My clients are ready to come out of the darkness when they discover how exclusive my service is and what we provide. Mostly the level of trust working in a safe and confidential environment for training and conversation moving clients forward. I have worked with a lot of clients over the years and acquired the necessary experience, Unfortunately, do to my schedule I only accept a limited amount of new VIP clients per year. The average engagement last 12 weeks long from start to finish. Most clients need short term support not long term enabling.

Mike Downing is the founder and president of Pure Commitment, a leading addiction recovery coaching service which has helped hundreds of people gain back their lives. Pure Commitment offers VIP private addiction recovery service. He travels to the clients’ location to assist the transition from rehab to home. He offers a minimum weekly service from one week up to four week’s total per engagement. In addition, Mike, facilitates a weekly class on how to stop the addictive cycle in Palm Beach County.

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