Airwheel Makes Progress by Product Upgrade in the S-series self balancing scooter

By upgrading products, companies gain continuous development. Airwheel now enjoys a wide range of products. Airwheel electric scooters are refined to the optimal state by offsetting the weaknesses of its previous edition.

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Apple’s release of iPhone 7 has drawn worldwide attention. iPhone 6s once invited fierce criticism in the industry, as there are no prominent improvement or innovation. But this time, iPhone7 is deemed as more than an iterative update. Upgrades have significant bearing for both the company and customers. Airwheel Smart Electric Bike has also placed great emphasis on product update. Every year, several types of new vehicles are launched while each new product is a considerable step up. 

S8 mini electric scooter

Some people may find there are several products accessible in each series. Each product may possess different features. But the latest products are upgraded version to previous ones. There are added features to the new products. In Airwheel S-series, the saddle-equipped scooter S8 is an upgraded version to S6. The shape of S8 has been redesigned to be more faddish and portable. The operating rod of S6 is straight while that of S8 has adopted a Cassinian cure design. Apart from the elevation in aesthetics, S8 is much easier to lift than S6. The curve design has also lowered the center of gravity and thus is much safer for riders to operate. In a broader sense, S8 has enhanced user experience to a higher level.

electric self-balancing scooter

Airwheel S-series is the first few series which has been highly hailed in the industry. The previous S3 and S5 have been widely applied to many fields, like police patrolling and scenic spot touring. Now, if comparing Airwheel S8 to S3 and S5, there are still many innovative features to be noticed. By ditching the handle design, S8 has freed people’s two hands. Riders can either answer phones or carry suitcases when they ride the self-balancing scooter. By employing a saddle, riders now enjoy two ways of riding. When people feel tired standing to operate, they can shift into a sitting riding pattern. 

In Airwheel S-series, each product has distinctive features. But they are all suitable for daily commuting. In particular, S8 mini electric scooter enjoys portable features and can be connected with public transportation. The upgrading of the electric self-balancing scooter will better meet daily needs.

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