Awaken the Mystical Subtle Energy & Apply Mind Power to Manifest Life with Intent!

This press release is to notify the readers that Siddha Life Mastery has launched a course on how to master your life. You can enroll now for the course and also have a look at for the course details.

Kapaa, HI, USA 27th October 2016:A majority of people find in their life, that they are disturbed with restless minds, procrastination or even exhausted from unproductive search…Such people will benefit by enrolling in an online intro meditation & subtle energy course for free and then, later on, take up the other related courses for nominal fees!

Darshan Baba the founder of Siddha Life Mastery an online school stated thus; “I have been fascinated with metaphysics, mystical reality, and subtle energy since elementary school. I have been practicing various techniques of mystical sciences obsessively since middle school. After a lifetime of esoteric initiations, study, and intensive practice; I have synthesized a unique direct method of rapid evolution through subtle energy mastery. This subtle energy mastery course is currently in early release beta form. So by getting involved now you can help to shape the development of the course. Now there is a maximum amount of live feedback, support, and my direct availability as your instructor. This “Ultimate Subtle Energy Course for Truth-Seekers, Healers, & Masters” is all about your direct relationship with subtle energy.”

It goes without saying that all individuals should have been trained to be aware and use subtle energy either in grade school or even college! But “mainstream” wasnot aware of the dimension of subtle energy as well as the field of energy which isvery significant to life. Now, today’s science has realized this. So when a person wants to attaintheirobjectives in life,then it becomes a must to make use of all the resources at their disposal! You need to know about the use of your Subtle Energy, a.k.a. mind power, chi, prana, psychic or spiritual power, as this mystical force has been called in the varying traditions…
Studentslearn how to contactthe universal power via increased presence and awareness, and employ this wakefulness in a practical way to take their lives to entire new heights!

About Siddha Life Mastery
Siddha Life Mastery Online School is the vision resulting from a synthesis of Darshan Baba’s lifetime study and practice in diverse esoteric wisdom traditions. After a lifetime of practice and association with highly realized masters, Darshan Baba has experienced the essence of all mystical traditions as one. “Your Ultimate Life Changing Subtle Energy Course” is the direct method to realize the essence of all esoteric energy sciences… On completion of this course, students areskilledand adept at directly accessing the field of subtle energy, and the mystic resources presented in life.


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