Airwheel S5 SUV Smart electric Scooter Explains the Advantage of Large Wheel Hubs

Airwheel always works hard to provide not only new products, but also different designs and different technologies to customers, so that they can have the most suitable transport ways according to their different needs. Airwheel introduced S5 intelligent power scooter, which has larger wheel hubs of 16 inches.

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Airwheel held a new product release conference in 2015 in which S5 was released. S5 that attracts people’s attention for its tough appearances and wider wheel hub. The design idea of S5 is to be wild and able to negotiate varied terrains. The wheel hub size of Airwheel S5 is 16×3.5. They are wider and bigger than other models, which means the contact area and force of friction get larger. The large wheel hubs allow S5 intelligent power scooter to ride on different road conditions smoothly. Therefore, S5 performs well in cross-country situation and has wild and cool appearance.

S5 intelligent power scooter

In order to make better and stable riding experience, Airwheel increases the instantaneous power of the build-in motor of S5 2-wheeled electric scooter to 1,500W. The bumpy roads and annoying ramps is now a piece of cake for S5. Riders can ride on these rugged paths safely like they are passing flat ground. Therefore, it was hailed as a personal exclusive SUV scooter.

S5 2-wheeled electric scooter

It is true that the strong cross-country power can’t be realize without large battery capacity. It consumes more energy to ride in rugged paths in countryside than in flat roads. The battery capacity of Airwheel S5 standing up electric scooter reaches to 680WH. It is the largest battery capacity among all the electric scooters of Airwheel.

Airwheel S5 standing up electric scooter

There is no problem for S5 to pass through the muddy path, but it is far from saying that it is not needed to worry about the mud spurred in the process of riding. Actually, Airwheel has woke up to this issue long before. A wing, namely fender, is considerately installed in S5. The wing effectively shields S5 two wheel mini electric scooter from the mud, ensuring S5 clean and tidy. Most importantly, S5 is featured by optimized mechanisms in terms of ensuring riding safety like over-charge protection, temperature protection, etc.

Airwheel S5 intelligent power scooter explains the advantage of large wheel hubs.

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