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ORLANDO, FL – 10/27/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — This presidential election season is about your vote of confidence.  The politics of success is declaring November 9th, the start of your new year.  Make your resolution to join us in the first party of the New Year. It’s historical, will you be able to truthfully say, “I was there!”

Orlando Oscar Auditions Party; where movie industry talents showcase and the general public experiences a party dedicated to the crafts of Hollywood.  This event will be a live talent “screen-test” audition taping, while greeting and meeting the film’s producer and scriptwriter of:  Imperceptible Imaginary Isolation (I3).

He, Thomas Fuller, a local homegrown talent, stated, “The movie is to serve as an educational marketing, fundraising and recruiting tool for a pedagogy he’s invested over four decades developing.  Those in attendance will witness the FIRST public introduction to his technique of drumming called:  Chordal Drumming.  A style of drumming he says is used to teach STEM-based subjects.  Historical!”

Hype?  I don’t know, but he added, “I’ve created a style of dance based on Chordal Drumming; also used to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects and to be first showcased in the movie.”

The Orlando Oscar Auditions Party and the movie are business tools for investor soliciting, fundraising and marketing the incorporated, NuNique Institute Knowledge Engineering; a Florida Nonprofit practicum-based educational institution.

Screenplay:  A scientist who becomes cool and hip.  Through scientific research he learns to become a musician and his mid-life crisis causes him to start a band and becomes a popular sensation.   It’s a romantic-comedy-musical, fish out of water kind of story, but a Purple Rain music-driven type of movie.  Mr. Fuller indicated he’s recorded and produced the soundtrack.

To the talents interested in attending, he divulged; pace, rhythm and timing are director’s “looking-for” acting traits; because the soundtrack will also play a role in advancing the plot.  The Downtown Orlando event will also have a silent auction with over $5,000 in video and music equipment and furniture (Stage setting furniture purchased for use the night of the event will also be auctioned off).

Doors open November 12, 2016 at 6pm for inspection of the auction items and the placing of bids.  Event/show taping is from 8pm – 11pm, with an intermission.  Talents and guest should visit: for tickets and information.  Email: for inquires or comments.

The question will be, “Were you there?”  This is an event with historical implications.

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