Eyebrow Embroidery Is Big Business in Malaysia

Eiko Tang, Founder of Estrella Beauty & Spa and Estrella Embroidery Academy.
Great demand but shortage of eyebrow specialists means people are being charged premium rates for eyebrow embroidery services.

As quoted from Wikipedia, eyebrow embroidery is ‘a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.’

An increasing number of Malaysian young professionals and executives are opting for eyebrow embroidery services, simply because of convenience and cosmetic reasons. The growing demand, matched with a shortage of trained and certified eyebrow specialists, inevitably spells for increased risks for the average consumer.

Journalist Kianmin has the privilege of catching up with Eiko Tang, renowned of Malaysia’s leading beauty and spa centre, Estrella, to seek her views on the recent trends.

There has been an increasing number of complaints from consumers who sought eyebrow embroidery services. They range from infections, unsightly end results to rapid degeneration of the pigments. What are your thoughts on this?

Eiko: Because eyebrow embroidery is something that may stay with you for a long time, I think it is always important to look for certified and trained professionals when seeking such services. Some tips I always give people – Try getting more information about the service provider’s past works, reviews and company history, for example, where possible. Just a quick search on the internet, a few readings, and you will usually have what you need. Best way, of course, is to speak with someone who has tried them before. It will give you a better idea of whether the vendor is who you’re looking for.

Why do you think there is a shortage of trained and certified eyebrow professionals?

Eiko: I think, partially, it is because of the job scope and public opinion that comes with the role. Many still view it as a blue collar job. The job is not an easy one as well – potentially long hours, immense focus required, and a good eye for beauty. A person really has to come with passion and patience to truly master the art in eyebrow embroidery, not just the techniques.

Of course, there are other things, like keeping up with current trends and maintaining a positive disposition, that are important for the eyebrow specialist as well. For example, what styles that are popular in Korean may soon catch up in Malaysia and Singapore. It is something that we always have to stay on top of.

Pic: At one of Estrella Embroidery Academy’s events.

How about difficult customers? Do you think it’s a major cause of a shortage of eyebrow professionals as well?

Eiko: Customer service is of outmost importance in our trade.I think generally, people are reasonable, friendly and nice. It’s really about understanding their needs. Many times if we try to really put ourselves in our customers’ position, we can come to see why he or she is dissatisfied or unhappy about a particular service. From there we can make the necessary amendments. We just have to know exactly what they are looking for, through empathy, respect and understanding.

We understand that you run a beauty and cosmetic training centre as well. Tell us more about it.

Eiko: Yes, knowing the gap in the market, we hope to be able to nurture more eyebrow embroidery professionals who are not just skilled, but also passionate in what they do. There are programs in the Academy that are designed not just for learning techniques, but also in Entrepreneurship and business skills. Basically anyone who goes through the course will learn a wide range of services that come with a full fledge beauty and make up centre.

To find out more about Estrella Beauty & Spa and Estrella Embroidery Academy, visit http://www.estrella.com.my/

Estrella Embroidery Academy will be conducting an Eyebrow Embroidery Entrepreneur Class at one of Malaysia’s top universities in 2017. They are the first Eyebrow Embroidery Academy ever to have accomplished this feat.

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