Incent Loyalty Platform Partners with SME Association of Australia

Blockchain-based loyalty platform Incent has partnered with the Small and Medium Enterprise Association of Australia (SMEA). The partnership aims to introduce Incent rewards to some 30,000 business members as a means to incentivise trading within their new B2B marketplace.

Incent is a new blockchain loyalty platform by BitScan that allows businesses to issue a universal token of reward – that behaves like a form of smart cash-back. Rewards are instant and can be spent, saved or sold. Merchants will be able to easily configure the amount of reward they issue to customers to suit their own margins. The token is designed to appreciate in value as more merchants adopt it, benefiting businesses and consumers alike.

SMEA have just launched a B2B marketplace to enable commerce across its community. Member businesses will be introduced to the loyalty reward as an enticement to trade with one another, accepting it at discount to regular cash. The expectation is that this functionality, when coupled with Incent’s e-commerce enabled wallet, will stimulate B2B commerce and make possible a strategic expansion into B2C commerce — allowing SMEA to dispense with their membership revenue model and open up access to anyone.

SMEA is the latest addition to a growing network of merchants who will adopt Incent rewards when the product launches early next year. Owing to the size of its member network, SMEA is expected to significantly accelerate the uptake of Incent.

We are thrilled to be partnering with SMEA. It gives Incent the means to expose tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of ordinary Australians to the power of ‘open value’, that crypto-currency makes possible.
 – Rob Wilson, CEO, Incent

Incent is midway through a fundraising round that has attracted nearly $1m USD, enough to complete development and integrate Incent into the first merchants’ point-of-sale systems. The Incent crowdfund will continue until 30 November.

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