NATURE HITS BACK – Eco-novel about how nature takes its revenge

“”NATURE HITS BACK” by Michel F. Bolle”
Michel F. Bolle paints a bleak picture in “NATURE HITS BACK” but also shows a world in which nature takes back what is hers.

Trees usually do not grow in swimming pools – but that’s exactly what Alex discovers in his own swimming pool. In this novel, nature is something not many people know first hand any longer. Humans have taken over more and more. Nature, however, has had enough and decides that she wants her planet back at all costs. Strange things start to happen, and Alex is not the only one who suddenly notices plants and animals appearing in the most unusual places. Nature does what humans have been doing for centuries: She takes over the planet without mercy – but will nature have any space for the human parasite that had taken her to the brink of death?

The world of “NATURE HITS BACK” by Michel F. Bolle is not very nice to look at in the beginning. Buildings, streets, and people are everywhere you look. And in some places on the planet, you already see the same issue: plants die, animals become extinct. And yet, humankind does not stop. This novel acts like a wake-up call to show readers how bad things could become – and how we eventually might be punished by what has been done to the planet. While it is unlikely that nature turns into such a strong power that can take back the planet like described in this book, it is very exciting story, will open people’s eyes and hearts, and will keep readers glued to their seats.

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