Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd. presents various fiber optical cable machineries

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd. specializes in manufacture of fiber optical cable machinery. It has been in this industry and has extensive range of machines to meet various requirements of for specific purposes.

Fiber optical cables are used across the globe and for a variety of purposes. There are different grades of cables that are being manufactured by companies globally. China is among the well-known manufacturer of a variety of these cable manufacturing machines and offer them for different industries. One company that has been doing so for the past 15 years is Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd. The company specializes in manufacturing and involves in continuous R&D for coming up with advanced machineries. It has its own dedicated facility where the company has been manufacturing the range of machines for the past 15 years. Fiber loose tube production line is one of the popular range of products that the company presents to its global customers.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd. presents various fiber optical cable machineries

Among the other machines that the company manufactures, it includes the Fiber coloring machine, SZ stranding line, secondary coating line, cable production line, copper drawing machines, aluminum drawing machine, etc. The company had entered into a joint venture in the year 2011 with Tongding Group and increased its production capacities and the machine lines. The company presently offers high end machines which are of high quality and high working machines and is capable of producing over 30 million USD. Moreover, for the past 15 years the company has been known to offer high quality and super resolution over customer services.

For manufacturing machines like secondary coating lines and other capacity machines the company utilizes its 6000 sqm. Plant which is equipped with metal operating workshop, surface treating shop, electric components assembling workshop, etc. Most of its technicians are experienced engineers who have been working for the past 15 years. With over 25 engineers spearheading the entire product development and production process, the company maintains a 30-70 ration of engineers to technicians. For detailed information about their products and offerings, customers are advised to visit their website. The website serves as a virtual office for the company and offers ample information about the products and production capacities of the company. The website can also be used to place orders or get answers to specific product related queries. Additionally, to make it a lot easier for customers to evaluate the machines and their working processes, they can view YouTube videos featured on the website.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer that is involved in development and production of a wide number of fiber optical machineries. The company has its factory in Shanghai and caters to customers globally. They have a 6000 sq mt. manufacturing unit that has been producing machines and exporting up to 30 million USD.

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