Basement Waterproofing Company, Jet Dry, Offering a Lifetime Warranty on Service

Radnor, PA – Jet Dry Waterproofing [JD] has recently begun guaranteeing their services in a way that not many other companies (if any) can claim. Whether you’re having basement waterproofing done, foundation repair, mold removed, or any one of the many services that JD Waterproofing has to offer, it now comes with a lifetime year warranty. 

Many businesses that offer services comparable to JD are stuck with a bad reputation after disappointing too many of their customers. Thanks to websites, like Yelp or Angie’s List, maintaining a business with a poor performance record is getting increasingly difficult, but not impossible. Sometimes they’ll offer a 30-day period where they’ll check up on their work if any problems present themselves, but often, they’ll end up charging their customers for that, as well. Many repair companies are able to avoid offering this sort of guarantee through the simple fact that insufficient work or ignored areas go unnoticed until disaster strikes. Whether it be roofing, plumbing, or simple insulation, it can be hard for someone to spot the mistake unless they’re an expert.

Jet Dry Waterproofing has decided to come at this problem from an entirely different angle. With their service, you’ll be getting more than just a repair job, as they claim their lifetime guarantee acts as a lifetime of peace of mind. Their inspectors check for leaks, possible foundation cracks, and even look into any potential dangerous mold issues that could arise. JD Waterproofing says their guarantee is actually “transferable” so that homeowners wishing to sell their house can do so for top-dollar, and guarantee their buyer that free help is on the way following any problems.

“They did work at our house probably 8-years ago and the job still looks 100%,” a customer named Alex M. claims. They service Eastern Pennsylvania, along with all of New Jersey, and seem to leave a trail of satisfied customers in their wake. “Workers were very professional; everything has been working well for over a year.” Hannah B. claims, “Thanks so much for the amazing job!”

So far, there doesn’t seem to be many customers in need of their lifetime warranty. Further inspection into JD Waterproofing offers pages and pages of testimonials from homeowners that seem very enthusiastic about the service and repair job they’ve received. Just visit to see all the compelling testimonials and more. Whether or not these folks will be calling in about repairs in the future remains to be seen, but the confidence that JD Waterproofing puts in its quality of service is absolutely unmistakable now.

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