Marlon Kobacker Featured in New Article on Sustainable Design and Clean Energy

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – 28 Oct, 2016 – Marlon Kobacker’s remarkable career in the field of sustainable design and clean energy is the subject of a newly published article titled “The Mind Behind Sustainability Management.” Detailing his accomplishments and reviewing his status as an innovative force in the field of sustainable design, the article provides a comprehensive look into a career marked by consistently exceptional achievement and acclaim.

An expert in one of the most critically important global fields, Marlon Kobacker’s understanding of sustainable design and clean energy principles has only been exceeded by his ability to push the field forward through a constant devotion to innovation. Kobacker’s unique qualities and his extensive experience in sustainable design and clean energy are explored in detail in a new article, “The Mind Behind Sustainability Management.”

Kobacker, a director with Sustainable Future Group who has long been at the forefront of clean energy and sustainable design innovation, has enjoyed a remarkable career worthy of detailed exploration. The newly published article, which is available to interested parties on an immediate basis, discusses Kobacker’s ascendance within this essential field and praises the many contributions he has made to the industry over the years.

The article traces Kobacker’s academic and professional career in an exacting fashion, highlighting his early interest in sustainability and clean energy as well as the consulting work that ensured international projects of a massive scale were constructed with sustainable principles incorporated throughout the entirety of the project. The article then moves on to Kobacker’s current role with Sustainable Future Group while weaving in details regarding the professional accomplishments and achievements stemming from his continued devotion to the field of sustainable design and clean energy.

Readers seeking insight into the processes and principles associated with sustainable design and clean energy will discover that this article provides a uniquely revelatory look into the inner workings of one of the industry’s most prominent figures. While Kobacker has certainly offered his expertise on a widespread basis through speaking engagements and publications, “The Mind Behind Sustainability Management” is truly comprehensive in scope.

About Marlon Kobacker

Marlon Kobacker is director of Sustainable Future Group, where he continues to advise clients on sustainable design and clean energy principles. Kobacker is also involved in advisory roles with several other firms, including Clean Energy Corporation Australia and EarthRights International.

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