Announcing an Ecological Green Solution in Brewing Great Coffee: The Use of Reusable Coffee Pods

Cleanpod Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign To Produce Their Conventional Reusable Coffee Pod Prototype.

October 28, 2016 – Announcing the launch of CleanPod Kickstarter campaign that will raise funds to produce their reusable coffee pod products. CleanPod advocates using reusable coffee pods instead of regular pods that only accumulate as waste materials in landfills. Their reusable coffee pod products will hopefully reduce the need for disposable pods and will also allow users to save on money as well. Their Kickstarter campaign starts on October 28, 2016.

CleanPod’s goal is to spread the word that a green and eco-friendly solution is available when it comes to brewing the best cup of coffee. It is a fact that disposable coffee pods are accumulating in landfills with the chief coffee pod producer US-based Keurig Green Mountain leading the count. In 2013 alone, the company was able to produce 8.3 billion coffee pods enough to encircle the planet more than 10 times. This number, added to disposable pods made by other companies, could mean a staggering number of trash that could one day overrun the earth.

The use of reusable coffee pods will reduce indestructible waste products in landfills, lower carbon footprint and will ultimately contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. Reusable pods could also save money; users don’t have to rely on expensive coffee in disposable pods but instead will be able to use inexpensive coffee grounds from any retailer.

CleanPod reusable filters will be the only one of its kind with the Easy-Clean feature, a simple mechanism that ejects coffee grits and grains from the pod. Regular reusable coffee filters have to be scraped, banged, soaked and brushed clean but the CleanPod has Easy-Clean so coffee drinkers can brew another cup as soon as they can.

CleanPod asks donors, investors and followers to support their cause and to help raise the funds that they need to start production. Their campaign will also allow them to fund other ecological developments and projects that they are working on. All in all, this Kickstarter campaign will start CleanPod’s cause to stop the use of disposable coffee pods and use reusable pods for every day coffee enjoyment.

A few words from CleanPod a representative, “Our ultimate goal is to attract more people into using reusable coffee pods, and to reduce the wastefulness caused by disposable coffee pods. Oh, plus it’ll save you money!”

“Reducing the carbon footprint and positively contributing to our current future environment.”

More information about CleanPod and their Kickstarter campaign is available from their official site





About CleanPod:

CleanPod is a coffee pod brand that is here to progress the industry for the better.  Conventional reusable coffee pods have the right idea: allow coffee and tea drinkers to use their singe-serve brewing machine, such as a Keurig, without overspending or being detrimental to our planet.  

The problem is that not enough people are turning to reusable pods, and through the company’s research as well as personal experiences, the main is reasons have to do with inconvenience and less-than-stellar brew quality.  Or, people have just not heard of reusable pods.

CleanPod is here to fix all of these issues and bring an eco-friendly, convenient, and effective coffee pod to the market.  We are CleanPod!

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