EmelysPlanner shop on Etsy receives huge success in less than one year of established

Emelys Planner is an Etsy shop that provides a wide range of stickers to manage daily plans or just decorate different stuff. These stickers can be used to plan and organize various things or just be used for art and craft purposes. The shop has received immense response from the customers all over the world which is evident from more than 4500 sales and more than 1000 reviews from the satisfied customers.

The shop offers beautiful assortment of stickers that can be used to enhance the daily planner and make it more effective and attractive. The user can add a personal touch to their professional planner for staying organized as well as colorful and stylish. “Lovely quality! Didn’t expect these to be matt, so I was pleasantly surprised”, says one of the users on Etsy.com while another one mentions, “I love these! They are very unique from other laundry stickers and I am sure I will continue to repurchase!”

The shop offers more than 1000 items in different categories of stickers such as handdrawn, autumn and winter, clear stamps, Christmas, functional, head & hexagon, label, banners, flags and washi tapes among others.Some of these designs include fish stickers, cupcakes, rainbows, unicorns, lazy day, monkey emoji, work, coffee and a lot more. These stickers can be used both professionally and personally.

The shop owner Emely has always been passionate about graphic designing which is why she started this shop. Using her skills and imagination she strives to create stickers that are loved by her customers. She makes her main focus on creating sticker designs which are unique and creative. It is evident from the product list that she loves to create cute and playful designs which are quite popular among the customers.

Apart from being the owner of a successful Etsy shop, she loves to spend time with her husband and 15 year old son. Her imagination and work is also inspired from Switzerland, where she lives, surrounded by mountains and lakes.

Another interesting service offered by the Etsy shop is the choice of customized stickers which allows the user to decide their favorite color, flags, icons and other things to have a fully personalized sticker. The shop ships worldwide and most of the shipments are promised to be received within 3 to 7 days.

More information about the shop and the stickers can be seen on Emelys Planner Shop on Etsy.com

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Email: plannerialover@gmail.com
Website: www.emelysplannershop.etsy.com
Country: Switzerland

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