Founder Of Korean Skincare Online Store Reveals Her Inspiration Behind The Brand.

Eugene, the founder, and owner of online Korean Skincare store Skin18 believes that makeup is not a major concern if skin is good, healthy and glowing, the search for affordable yet effective skincare products led her to search out products from places around the world allowing her to understand and experience many different. Recently, Eugene shared the journey that led her to discover the amazing benefits of Korean skincare and develop a company that offers some of the Korean skincare products including their amazing facial masks to people outside Korea.

The importance of skincare had been enlisted in the family through Eugene’s mother, who taught her that taking care of the skin is very important and should be stared at a young age. Skin18’s founder commented: “Being obsessed about skin care is one of the habits of our family. As a busy business woman with 2 kids and at a certain age, I pay extra attention to my skin. I am amazed on how Korean natural skincare and makeup has been changing my mentality that high quality skin care does not have to be expensive.”

Before discovering Korean skincare, Eugene relied on high end and luxury brands from big cities in China, United States and Europe “I happened to stumble across something truly incredible during my visit to Korea, where effective skincare is available for affordable prices. Since making the switch and incorporating home facials, my skin has been vibrant and my fine lines have also reduced.”

Korean skincare products are all about combining natural ingredients and innovation to develop solutions that solve a wide range of common skin problems such as dullness, aging and dryness. Perfect glowing and radiant skin is a sign of a healthy body and mind, Eugene wanted other people around the world to benefit from Korean skincare products such as the popular Korean face masks.  There is a wide variety of sheet masks are available on Skin18 to suit many different skin types with different benefits.

Eugene added: “We will ensure that each and every item we are selling on Skin18 is authentic and fresh. My objective is to bring the best to my customers; I am particularly dainty on skincare products.”


Skin18 is a Korean skincare and beauty products online store based in Hong Kong. Skin18 BELIEVES IN SKINCARE which feeds natural ingredients & nutrition to skin and makeup is coverage. They deliver products to countries around the world.

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