The Release of PlayStation VR Causes a Spike in PS4 Racing Wheel Sales

Centreville, VA – PS Racing Co has recently announced a huge spike in PlayStation 4 (PS4) steering wheel sales after Sony’s PlayStation division released the PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) Headset. Driving game peripherals by brands such as Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec and Hori are seeing upticks in sales as racing game enthusiasts are seeking more immersive experiences that work with virtual reality. One website,, aides gamers in making informed decisions on purchasing racing wheels through in-depth reviews, as well as offering suggestions for the best pedal sets, sim racing seats, and shifters that work with each brand.

The company,, has already experienced a surge in sales since the release of PlayStation VR in mid-October and expects to the trend to continue long after the holiday season as new racing titles like DriveClub, WRC 6 and Gran Turismo Sport are released with VR capabilities. The website will highlight new content dedicated to each new sim racing peripheral that comes to market and make recommendations for the racing games each product works best with. In addition, the company will feature all the latest PlayStation accessories as well as information regarding the PlayStation Pro console releasing in November. reviews and sells steering wheels, stands, sim racing chairs, rigs, mod kits, and various simulated driving equipment for PS4 racing games.

Owner James R explains his love for racing games and how the PSVR has brought simulated racing into homes, saying; “I always had a dream of being a race car driver and playing racing games like Gran Turismo on my console never quite filled that desire. Now with the advent of virtual reality combined the new technology of force feedback steering wheels and pedal sets I can fully imagine what it’s like to steer a car into a turn at 150 mph. The PSVR headset allows a virtual driver to emulate race car driving techniques such as looking into the apex of a turn or checking their mirrors before changing lanes. This entire racing experience can be delivered right into my living room where there is no need to wear a seat belt or a helmet, just my VR headset, a PlayStation 4 console, and a sim steering wheel. What’s so impressive about the PSVR is not its performance or processing power, but it’s affordability and how it can bring unique experiences like racing a car right into your living room. Adding a steering wheel with just makes it feel even more realistic.” is the only site that focuses solely on PlayStation Racing. The company’s mission is to help sim racers identify which steering wheels would suit their racing style best as there are different driving peripherals for racing disciplines such as Formula One, Rally, and Nascar. They help by not only making recommendations for PS4 driving wheels, but also games, cockpits, and accessories all to fit within a set budget. In addition, James also writes in-depth game guides, articles for the best game settings for racing wheels, and driving tip suggestions for achieving faster lap times. The website features an online store that provides players with exactly what they need to purchase in order to create the most immersive racing experience.

With the holiday fast approaching and new VR racing games, driving peripherals, and virtual reality headsets being introduced, sim racing enthusiast and gamers alike are finding websites like this one to be invaluable resources for discovering how to build a simulated racing setup.

The product suggestions at are based on actual user experience with hours of testing and performing in-depth research.

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