Calgary Dentist Helps Local Community And Teaches The Importance Of Proper Hygiene With Candy Buy-Back Program

Calgary, AB – While Halloween may be a favorite holiday for children, the ensuing cavities from all that candy can be a real scare. One local dentist in Calgary has made it their goal this year to provide local families with an alternative to all that sugar; one that also offers a treat for the local community in need. On November 1st, Northmount Dental Care will be hosting a candy buy-back program, which will allow children and families in the area to receive money for their unwanted or extra candy. In addition, the incurred candy will be donated by the clinic to the local food bank, according to their best practices. The event will take place from 3-6 pm on November 1st, and local residents can receive $1/lb for up to 5lb of candy.

The candy buy-back hosted by Northmount Dental Care will serve two purposes for the local community. All the candy that the clinic receives will be donated to a local Calgary food bank. In addition, the clinic hopes to get across the importance of proper dental hygiene at an early age, particularly where ingesting large amounts of sugars is concerned. Through their offering of pediatric dentistry in Calgary, Northmount Dental Care understands the importance of proper dental hygiene for children, particularly at this time of year. While the clinic also provides general and family dentistry, they pride themselves in creating a fun and informative dental experience for children, which encourages the development of proper hygiene, including regular dental checkups.

“Halloween has always been a bad time of year for teeth,” quips Dr. Sonya Verma, one of three general dentists at Northmount Dental Care. “This year, we thought it was about time that we took matters into our own hands and initiated a program that not only limits the amount of candy that kids are eating around Halloween, but also gives back to our community in more ways than one. One of the things that our clinic has always tried to do is to teach children the importance of taking care of their teeth from a young age, so that they’ll develop proper dental hygiene that they’re more likely to stick with later in life. Our candy buy-back not only gives kids a fun way to get rid of their excess candy, and offers a small seasonal treat to those who are utilizing the food bank, but it also helps kids start learning why limiting their candy consumption is so important.”

Proper dental hygiene is particularly important at a young age. By teaching children about the proper way to care for their teeth and gums early on, they are more likely to develop habits that stick with them throughout life. This often means that they are less likely to have cavities, gingivitis, or other teeth and gum related issues. And many children who have a history of both proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups are less fearful of going to the dentist as adults. Northmount Dental Care pays special attention to their child patients by speaking directly to them about terms and treatments in ways that they can understand, giving them cool sunglasses so that the overhead light doesn’t bother them, and creating an overall relaxed and comfortable environment for the best possible dental experience.

Northmount Dental Care, a popular Calgary general and family dentist who emphasizes the family aspect of their practice, has announced their candy buy-back program on November 1st, from 3 pm until 6 pm. This program will allow children in the area to sell their unwanted candy to the clinic for $1/pound and up to 5 pounds. The clinic will then donate all candy they receive to a local Calgary food bank where it will be distributed as a small snack for their recipients. This program will be an engaging and fun way for the clinic to teach local residents about their friendly approach to pediatric dentistry and the importance of proper oral hygiene in children.

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