New Business to be Showcased at the Halloween Monster Bash in Peoria, AZ

Peoria, AZ – Bubble Battles will launch and showcase a new business at the Halloween Bash that is to be held at the Peoria Sports Complex. The date and time for this event is October 29, 2016, from 5pm-9pm. Everybody who shows up for this event will get the chance to learn more about Knockerball. Bubble Battles has just launched a new website where interested parties can get as much information as they need to the aforementioned new business and event. The business concept is unique because it is fairly new to the US.

In the words of the company spokesperson, Matt Hilton, “Our intention is to show the residents of Peoria that there is more than one way of having a good time. We will do this through the once in a lifetime that’s set for the weekend of October 29 at the Peoria Sports Complex. On that day, we will launch and provide more information on Knockerball. We want to revolutionize the residents’ lives. Any person who wishes to play will pay a fee of $5, which then gives them a chance to do so for 5 minutes.”

Although initially, clients will pay $5 for a chance to play Knockerball for 5 minutes, eventually the business behind this new concept will offer discounts. The discounts will be available to clients who schedule or place booking in advance for future events. Bubble Battles AZ intends to provide players with the most fun they have ever enjoyed. They will do this through Knockerball Rentals, Knockerball Leagues, and Knockerball Parties. The Knockerball events will be great for team-building programs.

Bubble Battles endeavors to be the Knockerball connection for clients in Arizona. They seek to improve the mood and experience of guests in events conducted all over Arizona by giving them the chance to play an activity that is not only new but also full of fun. Through their Knockerball events, services and packages, the company’s desire to ensure that guests are properly entertained. They hope to take the boredom out of all types of social and corporate events in Peoria and other parts of Arizona.

For more information on Knockerball Rentals, contact Bubble Battles using any of the information published below. Give guests the experience of a lifetime by renting a few Knockerballs and allowing them to play as part of entertainment or a team building program. Get in touch with this new business to learn how to play Knockerball before sharing this information with guests at a party or event. With this new concept, parties and all types of events in Peoria will never be the same again. When it comes to unique and fun parties, this is one that no one will be able to pass up.

Media Contact
Company Name: Bubble Battles
Contact Person: Matt Hilton
Phone: 602-540-2289
Address:9838 W Salter Dr.
City: Peoria
State: Arizona
Country: United States