Airwheel High Quality Smart Electric Scooters Have Numerous Riding Styles

Aside from being healthy, Airwheel electric scooter is also an amazing transport that can improve the quality of people’s life. Different series of Airwheel products give people different riding experiences. They may be different in a thousand ways, but they are all Airwheel electric walkcars.

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Airwheel electric scooters have numerous riding styles. Different product series of Airwheel electric scooters may be different from each other in a thousand ways. But they are all the transport vehicles, which perfect your life. X-series contains the popular intelligent one wheel scooters. It may be the most difficult vehicles to rein, with the designing of single wheel. It is more agile than two-wheeled scooters. Once people grasp the skills, the learning process will not be that daunting. The twin-wheeled electric scooters look a little bit similar to the X-series. With twin-wheeled design, it moves more stably. People who are fond of the electric unicycles but are afraid of try should consider the Q-series.

Airwheel electric walkcars

From S3 to S8, each of them has its own characteristics. S3 is the pioneer while S8 2-wheeled self-balancing scooter, recently launched, takes an unusual way. S5, with robust power and quality components is hailed as a SUV scooter. The S6 and S8 could support both standing and sitting posture of riding. S-series is suitable for professional and business people to use.

foldable electric scooter

Each of A-series, M-series, Z-series, E-series and R-series has a unique product now. A3 has an ergonomic design, with a saddle. It obeys the thinking and operating habits of people and enjoys good sales in the market. Even elder people and women could control it in the most simple and comfortable way. M3 electric drift hover board seems like an alien in the family, equipped with a remote control. The foldable electric scooter Z3/Z5 is most praised for its foldable system. It could be carried easily when folded.

S8 2-wheeled self-balancing scooter

E-series and R-series were released successively. They are easy to be controlled in all Airwheel products. E-series has E6 and E3 foldable e bikes and R-series has R5electric moped bike. Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is the only model in Airwheel support three ride mode: man-powered mode, power-assisted mode and electricity-assisted mode.

Airwheel electric walkcars are consumer-oriented and consumers’ benefits are always the first consideration of Airwheel.

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