ChalkTastic Hires New Business Development Manager for ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pens

ChalkTastic has just completed the hiring process for their new Business Development Manager. This new position will take charge of all business operations for the company’s flagship product Chalk Marker Pens.

29th October, 2016 – ChalkTastic is pleased to announce the hiring of their new Business Development Manager. Official sources have revealed that this position will head all business operations for the company’s widely acclaimed product Chalk Marker Pens. It is relevant to mention here that the company has recently announced an internal promotion policy for this product, and this is their last managerial recruitment from external sources. The chalk markers from ChalkTastic have already secured a place amongst the top ranked Amazon bestsellers in two categories. This useful chalk based accessory can be purchased at for a discounted price of $13.97 only.

The chalk pens from ChalkTastic are available as sets containing eight markers in different attractive colors. Packed with a superior quality liquid chalk, the product delivers vibrant colors even after repeated use on a regular basis. The materials used in manufacturing the product are non-toxic, dust-free, and odorless. Suitable for all types of non-porous surfaces, the product has been used successfully to write on white boards, menu boards, car windows, ceramic jars, metal containers, and many other surfaces. Kids also love using these markers for their school work, art projects, or just for fun. These markers can be cleaned very easily without smearing, streaking, or smudging.

In a recently published Amazon review, a highly impressed reviewer mentions, “I recently purchased these chalk markers to use on my mason jars and for other household uses. There are eight different colors and all are vibrantly colored. In my picture I used it on my mason jar. I always just wrote with pen on paper and then taped it onto the jar. But this was very messy looking. And I had to replace the label every time I finished the contents and put something else in it. Now I just have to wipe the chalk label clean and rewrite what ever I want on it. It is very easy to clean just use a damp paper towel and it’s clean and ready for the next thing. It is non toxic so even kids can use them. They have no smell to them. The colors are very bright and they load the colors right away. Sometimes other chalk markers don’t load well and writing is not even. These work perfectly from the beginning. I am very happy with these markers and because I just bought chalk paint, I will be using them all over the house.”

Discussing the need for a business development manager, a senior official from ChalkTastic mentioned, “We needed someone to take charge of the overall business operations for this product. Our new Business Development Manager has a wealth of experience in handling the operations for many Amazon products. We are pleased to welcome him aboard and wish him all the luck.”

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