Book author helping people find ways to overcome difficult situations

Layo Charles Emmanuel uses lessons from personal experience to help others win in life

Today, Layo Charles Emmanuel is not just a book author; she is a practical individual, helping others overcome difficult times, getting over their struggles and eventually winning in life. Through her new best-selling book, “The Survivor” she teaches readers how to identify the source of their problems and find a solution using their most valuable assets. The author’s approach is unique because it utilizes both scientific and artistic approach to teaching real-life lessons.

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“Six years ago, I found myself in a dark tunnel: barely 24 years old, indebted to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, on the verge of a divorce and a failing career. Those years taught me the real value of life, and I eventually found my way to happiness. The Survivor combines years of hard-won wisdom, practical life principles and well-researched facts that will help readers come out of stressful situations and win through life,” said Layo Charles Emmanuel.

The 88-pages long book shows readers why things are getting worse in their lives and how to put a stop to them. It also explains three fail-proof principles for winning in life and why prayers may not necessarily be the solution to crisis. Readers also learn how to make a choice, and identify what works and what does not.

“After reading this book, you will become a juggernaut in the face of obstacles, problems or difficulty. Everyone who wants to succeed in life should read this book at least three times. And that’s the gospel truth. Extremely grateful and motivated!” – Tomi Joshua, Ginjah Blog (Founder/CEO)

The survivor is a book for everyone who is going through difficult times, and need practical wisdom to emerge victoriously. Very well written, entertaining, exciting and full of lessons.

About Layo Charles Emmanuel

Layo Charles Emmanuel is a life coach, women empowerer, a bestselling author, an award-winning motivational speaker and the host of the “Ask Pastor Sunday Show” She is also the creator of the Get Your Life Back Romantic Partner Program.

She helps dissatisfied married women who want something more out of life other than being married, to build a dream life filled with their own successes, accomplishments and the desires of their hearts; so that they can become deeply fulfilled, widely celebrated and a source of inspiration to many.

On her website you’ll find lots of inspiration, motivation and all the support you require to kick life in the butt and live the best life you deserve to live.

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