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Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd., a major Chinese sucralose supplier, started construction of a 1,500mt/yr sucralose (CAS No.: 56038-13-2) project officially on September 28th, 2016, with a total investment of 460 million yuan. The project is planned to complete construction and put into operation at the sucralose supplier’s production site by end March of 2017. Once the production objective of the project is realized, the total sucralose supplier capacity of this sucralose supplier will exceed 2,000 mt/yr. The increase of production of this Chinese sucralose supplier will help to ease the current upward pressure on sucralose supplier’s price.

Currently, Jinhe Industrial Co., an A share listed company, mainly expertised in production, R&D, and sales of fine chemical and basic chemical products, not merely asucralose supplier. It is expected to monopoly the Chinese domestic market of acesulfame potassium while the breakthrough in sucralose supplier’s capacity is indicating new performance highlights. The fifth generation sweetener the company as a sucralose supplier has invested in and developed has a metallic aftertaste with good thermal stability, thus quite easily accepted by consumers.  

At present, the global demand for sucralose supplier’s products stands below 10,000 tons with a potential of 20,000 tons; whereas the global sucralose supplier capacity is close to 8,000 mt/yr. China accounts for 4,000 mt/yr sucralose supplier capacity and 1500 mt/yr goes to Yancheng JK Sucralose Inc, another leading sucralose supplier.

Not long ago, Jinhe Industrial had already completed construction of a smaller scale 500 mt/yr sucralose supplier project, which has been put into operation at full capacity by this sucralose supplier and begin supply as a major sucralose supplier since mid-April this year. The quality of the sucralose supplier’s product reaches an advanced level of the sweetener industry, outstanding among global sucralose suppliers.

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