New eBook from World’s first and largest online community for short men ShortGuyCentral reveals secrets that would make a hero out of any short guy

World’s first & largest online community for short men ShortGuyCentral has lately launched a breakthrough eBook that will help any short man out there -to become confident, successful and a role model of positivity against adversity.

New York, NY – October 31, 2016 – Is stature that important in success? Well, some of the most iconic figures of the world like Bruno Mars, Daniel Radcliffe, Kendrick Lamar, Martin Luther King, and Tom Cruise were/are comfortably under 5.9” and they have famously proved that height has got nothing to do with success. With that spirit alive, world’s first online community for short men ShortGuyCentral has recently launched a revolutionary eBook on Amazon entitled “How to Be a Confident Short Man: 10 Steps To Help You Begin Kicking Ass In Life” – that promises exclusive tips for short men on transforming themselves into their best versions.

Harold Everton, the founder of ShortGuyCentral, has penned the EBook ($1) for all short men out there who aspire to be successful, confident and ‘the’ alpha male who can make any woman go weak in her knees.

“I am excited to introduce our new eBook ‘How To Become A Confident Short Man: 10 Steps That Will Help You Begin Kicking Ass In Life’ which is here to help every short man take on the world every day. Most of the guides and eBooks for short men available today are stuffed with negligent and ineffective advice like ‘Act tall’ or ‘Stand tall’. The problem with these guides is that they invariably end up highlighting a tall stature and fail to take care of the main cause of our unique obstacles. And thus, they are never able to free the short men from the stigma attached by the society to a lesser stature. But our new book follows a completely game-changing approach which shows how to turn something into a great unarguable advantage – which is otherwise perceived by the society as a deficit”, stated Everton while announcing the launch of his new eBook guide for short men.

Bustling with a whopping 18k+ members, ShortGuyCentral is the largest online community hub for short guys all across the world. With its wealth of inspiring articles, commentary & reviews of products pertinent to short men- the site is geared to help short men find the best success in life.

Everton’s new motivating book has already received rave reviews from the readers:

“The guide has altered my attitude completely and these days I feel like I am in full control of myself. Interestingly, people find me more appealing now and I do make sure that I receive the deserved respect”, stated Jeff Scott (5’6), an attorney by profession and much benefited reader of Everton’s life-changing eBook.

Speaking further, the author stressed that his book would teach the short guys on how to become more self-assured, more assertive & how to erase out all negativity surrounding the “short-guy” bias.

“This book would be the ultimate Bible for any short man who aspires to dress well, make a confident move, get women -and be an inspiring figure of strength & positivity against adversity. You will discover a better you, who is loved and respected by all, regardless of the height.”

To learn more about the book or to purchase it, visit Amazon

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