Clive Somers Reading Glasses in Lifestyle Magazine Cover Story

Clive Somers takes a designer sunglasses approach to reading glasses.
Clive Somers reading glasses is the subject of the cover story in the October issue of Men’s Essentials Magazine. The editorial feature was shot and styled by international fashion photographer Caesar Lima, and highlights the fact that stylish contemporary reading glasses do exist. Consumers now have an option in between drab or gimmicky drug store glasses and expensive luxury brands.

Los Angeles, CA – October 31, 2016 – Clive Somers reading glasses is the subject of the cover story in Men’s Essentials Magazine’s latest issue. The story features a stunning editorial layout with photography by Caesar Lima, shot on location at his Malibu home.

Reading glasses are an accessory that most people over the age of 40 are going to come to rely on, as a matter of course. As we age our ability to read everyday items becomes difficult, though until recently, the consumer choice was limited.

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In the magazine feature, Bill Head, owner and developer of the Clive Somers brand explains how they created the brand to reflect the style, quality and value for money expectations of today’s over 40s. Head was previously in the fashion business and was able to leverage decades of sourcing experience in Europe and Asia for the Clive Somers line.

Readers of the magazine are also educated on the benefits of wearing reading glasses with progressive lenses. The development of progressive lenses has changed the world for would-be wearers of bi-focal reading glasses. Progressive lenses are easier on the user because they don’t have to be constantly put on to read and then taken off again to look at anything like a computer screen at mid-range from the user.

Standard reading glasses have a single level of magnification across the entire lens. With progressive lenses, the surface of the lenses gradually transitions from corrected to non-corrected areas. The eyes don’t have to ‘jump’ between distances as they do when a user wears bifocal lenses, which can cause eye strain and fatigue.

The article points out that the progressive lenses in Clive Somers reading glasses, and reading sunglasses, are made with the same lens grinding technology that optometrists use for prescription glasses, though retail for a fraction of the price of luxury brand eyeglasses.

According to Men’s Essentials writer Sophie Hamblett, “This is where the affordableluxury option of Clive Somers comes in. The brand was founded on the concept that reading glasses don’t have to detract from your personal style. In fact, they can be the element that completes your look. For starters, nobody would even know you’re wearing reading glasses.”

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