Swiss Team Developing “Dance Battle” App that Pits Competitors in a 3-D Dance Competition

Dance is a universal form of expression that people from around the world enjoy.  Whether you appreciate hip hop, freestyle or any other popular dance form, you want to be respected for your creativity and performance.  This is why dance competitions have become one of the most popular emerging forms of artistic expression.  Felicia and Delia Berclaz have recognized that there is an immense and burgeoning population of young people who have embraced one-on-one dance competitions, and are currently developing an app called “Dance Battle” which will feature some of the most impressive dancers from all corners of the globe.

“Dance Battle” is an interactive app for iOS and Android devices which will allow users to sync finger movements with top dancers.  Users who can “kill the beat” will be victorious over their adversary.  This exciting game will initially feature ten of the world’s premiere dancers including winners of major international dance competitions and performers who have danced with musical superstars like Madonna. These performers will dance in a variety of styles including house, hip hop, locking and breakdance, and their performances will be captured using the latest 3-D scanning and motion capture technology.

“Dance Battle” promises to be an addictive and popular game, but the Berclaz twins are asking you to help them make it the success it deserves to be. They have sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter that will enable them to finance the development of “Dance Battle”. In return for your generous support, you can get valuable perks like Premium App Game (with all unlocked content), Beta key, professional dancer videos, digital dancer renderings, “Making Of” video, premium credit mention, dancer motion capture & interview videos, release party VIP tickets, hand-drawn dancer illustrations, or a day with the “Dance Battle” dancers and production team. 

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Company Name: Dance Battle
Contact Person: Delia Berclaz
Country: Switzerland